Body by Vi: the aftermath, supporters' hurtful words

I have faced the aftermath of writing a negative BodyByVi article, and I have come back to tell you the tale.
My opinion was not posted on the website for more than two hours before I received my first email. This email was from a girl named Julia, or so I thought. She was inquisitive about why I wrote such a negative article, because she has heard nothing but good things about the product.
With myself being educated, I decided to use some of my researching skills to figure out if this person was really who they said they were. I took the email address attached to Julia’s name and copy and pasted it into the search engine on Facebook. It turns out that Julia was never Julia to begin with (unless there was a sex change), because the name that was attached to the email address on Facebook was none other than the single person who brought this ridiculous fad to Mercer by enticing young, gullible minions to join his cause. His name was Jordan Michael Rushing.
Rushing is no student at Mercer; in fact, he doesn’t even live in the state of Georgia.
He had gotten into Facebook status wars with me earlier in the year about the nonsense that is known as BodyByVi.
Apparently,  my article enticed him so much, that he decided to email me, pretending to be a girl to try and infiltrate my mind and thought process. When I had him figured out and let him know I had uncovered his true identity, he stated, “    I wanted to know how committed your life was to trying to trash the challenge.”
Well Jordan, my life is not committed to trashing the challenge. In fact, I lead an extremely normal life of a college student. I have friends, I go out on weekends, but I do not spend all of my time thinking of ways to ruin BodyByVi and all of its followers.
After a series of nonsensical and grammatically incorrect emails from Mr. Rushing, I stated that his argument with me was a waste of my time. I thought I was home free after ending the ridiculous conversation with Rushing, but I was wrong. Another Floridian quickly jumped on the BodyByVi trash Bryson bandwagon.
Chelsea Niles, another avid BodyByVier, emailed me. This email was not the nicest I’ve ever received.
In fact, it made me somewhat sad to know that people pass judgment on someone without truly getting to know them because one’s opinion differs from their own.
Niles even put me down because I was going to college (apparently getting a college degree is no longer an achievement according to the BodyByVi team).
“Let me guess, you probably go out and waste your money on booze, depend on getting a degree to graduate in the hopes of getting a decent job, and your life revolves around what other people are doing instead of worrying about yourself,” Niles wrote to me.
Well Chelsea, I do not spend all of my money on alcohol, and even if I did, that is none of your business. I actually see your BodyByFriends walking around on weekends obviously wasted, so your argument loses validity there. Yes, I am going to college, and yes, I hope that I get a good job one day. Is that a negative thing nowadays? Because if it is, let me quickly adjust my life plan, drop out of college, and make trillions of dollars scamming my friends just like you.
The most hilarious thing I find in the wake of the BodyByVi storm is that no one who promotes the challenge on campus has defended themselves to me.
I know they talk about me behind my back, which does not faze me at all. One individual even purposely ignored me and said hi to a friend that I was walking with.
I could do nothing but laugh at this point because they all revert to high school-like tactics. They are sending their friends from other states to comment and put me down, which make them, in turn, look weak and frail.
I invite any criticism. I had the gall to put my name next to my opinion, why do you not have the gall to stand up for yourselves?

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