The Cluster endorses Davis/Lovett ticket for SGA president

For the first time, The Cluster staff has chosen to endorse one of the two tickets running for Student Government Association president and vice-president.

After listening intently to the debate and conducting interviews with both presidential hopeful Mollie Davis and her running mate Joshua Lovett, and presidential hopeful Dalton Turner and his vice-presidential running mate Justin Robinson; The Cluster editorial review board has decided to endorse Senators Davis and Lovett for SGA election.

This was a hard decision as both campaigns have demonstrated the necessary drive and passion that are vital to holding the title of SGA president and vice-president. However, in the end, the review board felt as though only one ticket has shown that they have done and if elected will continue to do, the research and work in order to best serve Mercer’s student body.

While both tickets had very strong platforms, it was made clear that only Davis and Lovett were able to back their initiatives up with numbers and research instead of excitement.

Davis and Lovett’s jobs programs for students will be of great benefit to current and future Mercer students and their third-party funded athletics incentives program will boost long-term student attendance at sporting events and will give this school a stronger sense of school spirit.

Davis and Lovett are making the contacts and doing the legwork for their initiatives before the fact, and this sense of certainty and drive resonates throughout their platform making them the stronger candidates to hold this office.

During our interviews with both tickets, the vice-presidential candidates were asked if they would vote against the president if the president’s ideas went against either their better judgment or morals. Only Lovett said that he would.

This showed the board both Lovett’s passion and his commitment to the betterment of the student body instead of a commitment to primarily serving his president.

While the positions have many responsibilities, both Davis and Lovett are involved just enough on campus to represent the diverse student body but not enough to disallow them the time to fully dedicate themselves  to the executive positions and their necessary duties.

Davis and Lovett have shown that they are capable of holding these offices and it is the belief of the editorial board that they are better prepared to keep unity but not lose the variety of opinions that the Senate and Executive Council may have.

We wish both tickets luck in the upcoming election, but we believe that Davis and Lovett are ready to build the future of Mercer and SGA.