Cherry Blossom Fest rocks Macon

Last week was the Cherry Blossom Festival, and music was all the rage. At several of the parties, parades, and public events, many musical guests showcased their talents.
Several free concerts were popular during this year’s Cherry Blossom events.
Organist Catherine Elliot performed a free concert at the Mulberry Street United Methodist Church.
Several people took a trip to Coleman Hill with blanket and picnic ready for a fantastic evening of music overlooking Macon at twilight. Jazz selections were performed by Ken Trimmins and the Quiet Storm.
Saturday was all about the street parties. Large numbers of people decided to party on the pavement with national recording artist Rodney Atkins and openers Stevens Layne and Gasoline Brothers.
Another large group of people decided to dance the night away with rapper, producer, musician, and cartoonist Shock-G, the mastermind behind the multi-platinum artists Digital Underground. Best known for the hit track “The Humpty Dance,” this group, alongside Nappy Roots, a folk/hip-hop group, was prepared to party, and party they did.
Of course, Digital Underground performed their most famous hits like “Humpty Dance,” as did Nappy Roots, the group responsible for the Rock/Rap classic “Aw Naw” and the hip hop song “Po’ Folks.” Both groups were well received by the crowds.
After these performances, several Maconites, college students and visitors alike took to the local party scene. Several people ventured to Bottoms Up as well as Asylum depending on their partying preference.
Sunday, was much more chill in comparison to Saturdays party fest. During the afternoon hours, many gathered at Central City Park for a bluegrass concert. Others chose the organ concerts instead, as several churches highlighted talented organists.
The Grand Finale was at Wesleyan College. The night featured fireworks at dusk, children’s activities, food vendors and live entertainment by the Crankin’ Daddies.
This year’s Cherry Blossom festival was definitely a success musically, it should be interesting to see how the Cherry Blossom planners top this year’s events with next year’s musical talent.