Mollie Davis and Joshua Lovett best choice for SGA

I have taken this year’s SGA Presidential Election so much more seriously than ever before.
I have always loved Mercer with my whole heart and soul, and looking back, I regret not being as involved as possible.
So this year, instead of simply voting for whom I felt could do a better job, I have actually compared platforms and looked at the related issues.
Yes, this is early on, and elections are a bit of a ways away. However, I have to endorse Mollie Davis and Joshua Lovett’s campaign for SGA President and Vice President.
This is by no means a Cluster endorsement, but the sole ramblings of an opinions writer who has been on this campus for four years and has a developed an idea for what he thinks the campus needs.
Current President Jordan Locke has done a phenomenal job of taking this campus far ahead of what previous administrations have done in my time at Mercer.
He and the current senate were shortchanged by my words, and I am glad to be wrong, now knowing how much they actually do for this campus.
This same work ethic and desire to do what is best for Mercer resounds heavily throughout the platform of Presidential candidate Davis and VP candidate Lovett.
One major sticking point for both campaigns is the future of the Bear Rock Café.
While the other side has plans for what is to happen, Davis and Lovett want to increase the student voice and see what the campus wants to happen with the large, mostly unused space.
This is the major quality with the Davis/Lovett ticket, as despite both of them having ideas for how to continue Mercer’s progress forward, there are plans in order to significantly ramp up the chances that the average Mercer student has to have their voice heard.
There is a major disconnect between Mercer students and athletics, with low student attendance the norm. While this has begun to change, most of it is due to incentives for them being there. Davis and Lovett have an actual plan they want to move forward with.
“Wet” parts of campus for game days and prizes that are more than just a free t-shirt are just the tip of the iceberg for a great idea to get Mercerians out and about at the numerous sporting events.
While the opposite side just wants to have a suggestion box that students can submit ideas to for campus improvements, Davis and Lovett have already addressed several key points that will make most, if not all, Mercer students happy.
Planning on lobbying for extra hours at the Caf and library, places that Mercer students frequent often, is a significant effort that will open up the Mercer administration’s eyes to a student body that badly wants more places to both study and be nourished late at night while studying.
This might seem frivolous, but most students would agree that dining services could significantly improve, and that longer weekend hours at the library would benefit everyone.
Another point that has always bothered me about the majority of students at Mercer is how infrequent they go downtown to see the restaurants and businesses in the area.
This ticket is looking to work with the Chamber of Commerce to better connect the campus with those businesses in order to increase Mercer’s impact upon the community and boost the Mercer-Macon connection.
In essence, I think that Mollie Davis and Josh Lovett are much more Mercer-oriented in their platform and campaign. To me, they’re running to do something, not be something.
This might seem like a slight to the other side, but I just believe that these two truly have the campus’s best interests at heart.
They will continue all of the great things that current President Locke and Vice President Ike Ekeke have started.

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