Turn off the TV, tone up your body, drop into a swimsuit


Official swimsuit season is just a few months away, and it is time to start searching for that perfect body-fitting bikini to lounge around the pool in. Before the shopping madness begins, here are four simple tips to get that body swimsuit ready.
1. Find the perfect work out for you. There are many websites and books directed at helping people find the perfect work out.  Mike Green, who has been working out for eight years doing sports as well as working as a personal trainer, says, “There are plenty of websites where you can pick out work outs that are specific to you.” Mike suggested some websites such as Women’s Health and for men he suggested either Men’s Fitness or Men’s Health. There are even some bodybuilding websites that can assist one in creating the perfect work out. If you’re not so skilled at coming up with a workout plan, there are people, such as Mike, who can help you decide what workout is best to fit your needs, there is a small fee of course.
2. Stick to it. The hardest part about getting fit is keeping up with the work out. Here are four ways to keep from losing momentum:
Treat it like a job. Mike Green suggests that “Working out is just half of getting in the shape that you want to, it’s all about your eating habits, sleeping habits, drinking habits and all the little decisions that you make throughout the day.” Make it as an imperative something you have to do, like breathing.
Keep a workout journal.  Compose notes of all the exercises and repetitions that you do. This will help keep you focused and on track as well as show improvement.
Challenge yourself. If the exercising routine is beginning to bore you, there is a problem; do not be afraid to switch it up and try something new.
Find a group. A group of three to four people is the perfect number; there is barely a chance of distraction and you will always have the buddy system. Here you can also find encouragement and reasons to get excited.
3. Take a class. The University Fitness Center offers several 45 minute classes that can be a fun way to get into shape. There is body combat, body sculpt, complete cardio, kick box and abs, strength and conditioning, water aerobics, yoga and zumba. For a complete class schedule visit http://www.mercer.edu/payroll/FitClassSchedule.pdf.
4. Eat healthy. Feeding your body with the right nutrition is very important. Crazy diets as well as an insane workout will not help you in anyway. Fruits and Vegetables are vital. Mike Green suggests eating “five to eight small meals a day.” Michael Tran, a physical therapy major here at Mercer, believes that it is essential to eat right after a workout. He says to have “something small, something with protein and carbohydrates that are healthy.” Tran says that as far as diets go, “Low carb diets are kind of dumb, because you can run out of energy really fast. You shouldn’t really cut out anything.” It’s all about balance and moderation.