Limbaugh's attack of contraception proponent is appalling, disgusting

Who has heard of the Rush Limbaugh scandal revolving around his brutal slander of third year law student Sandra Fluke on his radio show?
I had no idea about it until yesterday, showing how extremely behind I am on American news, or what counts as news these days.
I was helplessly unaware of the situation, and personally it is something that I wished I had remained ignorant to.
For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here is the scoop. Sandra Fluke is a law student studying at Georgetown Law in Washington D.C.
She wished to testify before a congressional panel in support of the movement to have insurance companies cover the cost of contraception, a movement that President Obama is backing.
In a move that gives every right-leaning individual, public and private alike, a bad name, Limbaugh attacked Fluke and her character on his national radio show calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute” because of her beliefs about contraception and who should have to pay for it.
First off, let’s start with the fact that first amendment or not, there are just some things that should not be covered under free speech and this is one example of such speech.
Women, no matter who they are, what they have done or their line of work, should never be subjected to cruel name calling by anyone.
When did it become okay for a man, or anyone for that matter, to take it into his or her own hands to publically abuse, embarrass and shut down a woman who is exercising her right to free speech and stating her opinions about a political matter.
Why is it in our day and age that words like slut, whore, prostitute, etc. are not only used but are socially acceptable?
When did it become okay for words that degrade and embarrass women to be used in everyday conversations?
I know contraception is a hot ticket item.
I know it is frowned upon in many religions, cultures and societies and I understand that everyone has their own right to choose what they do and do not accept, but no matter what your view on birth control pills and other forms of contraception, no one should stoop to levels as low as what Limbaugh did.
He was stating an opinion, I understand that, but the way in which he went about professing his beliefs is not acceptable.
Fluke’s mere support of contraception and the idea that its cost should be covered in full by insurance companies does not make her a slut, nor does it make her a prostitute.
As far as anyone is concerned, and as far as he knew, Fluke did not engage in any acts that would allow her to fall into the category of either being a slut or a prostitute.
But in reality, why does it matter?
Should a woman’s personal life be allowed to be speculated upon and discussed just because of her support of contraception?
I have news for you Limbaugh, she is not the only woman in America that supports contraception and is not even close to the only woman that uses it, does that mean that every woman who either supports or uses birth control is a slut as well?
Women should be allowed to choose if they wish to use contraception without any stigma that they will use that contraception to sleep around.
Using or supporting birth control does not mean that you are a prostitute, Limbaugh’s actions and words show exactly the stupidity and ignorance of some Americans and he should be ashamed of himself. But I doubt he is.
His little slap on the wrist was that he lost close to 100 advertisers, but his show will go on.
We all as humans should treat each other with mutual respect and common decency.
Limbaugh’s attack on Fluke was in no way close to respectful, and that is wrong.
When did America go from a place where differences in ideas and beliefs were accepted, and change to a place where differences of opinion were stamped out and their believers degraded?

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