The Village needs a nightlife

The Village needs a nightlife

Out of those of you who venture downtown for Macon’s nightlife, how many times have you seen incidents happen downtown, feel upset that you have to go so far from campus just to dance, or experience any other detriment? Well, other than those places downtown like Envy, Asylum, Power Station, the Rookery and Bottoms Up, there really is not much of a selection.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk a block or two and get toa club/bar? Well, Mercer Village is growing. With the Lofts at Mercer Village about to reach completion, there will be a definite increase of activity in the Village and more opportunities to dine and hang out. However,it all ends around nine or ten every night. With only a cof- fee shop open until midnight, Mercer Village isn’t exactly supporting students always hanging out there at night. This is unfortunate, because there is enough interest to go downtown and the trolley system is definitely utilized. Why not direct students to not have to worry about safety and transportation downtown?

Why not add a club in Mercer Village? A great location would be that location on the corner near the new Lofts. Security has always been an issue down- town. The distrust between Mercer students and Maconites is large, and that’s unfortunate. There have been incidents, as there are in every college town.

By having a location incredibly close to campus, Mercer Police officers can help patrol and look out for the students they serve and protect on a daily basis. They can also do some work in preventing unsavory individuals from interfering with students.

This would be an incredible bright spot in the Mercer Village plan if it worked out. There’s no doubt it would be successful, and even though it would take away business from the other nightlife locations, it would be a great addition to the “college town feel.” While there is the issue with the dry campus and students drinking at a place so close to campus, it’s not differ- ent from before—only a much closer location so there won’t be an issue with drunk driving or even just late night driving.

Also, much in the style of the Rookery, it could be a restaurant during the day. There wouldn’t be much of a problem as long as someone puts up the necessary funding. It would take a while to catch on, and also to get the necessary licenses and documents to set up a restaurant/ nightclub. However, it would be possible to have students get jobs as well.

In essence, this is a great solution to the problems that students face when they head downtown. If there is any brave entrepreneur who wants to take the challenge, this would be a great venture. Nightlife right off campus would be welcomed and supported. I know I’d frequent the place.

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