QuadWorks and NPHC host Stompfest event

Recently becoming a new Mercer tradition, Stompfest has provided a stage for step teams to compete.

Mercer held the competition, sponsored and hosted by Quadworks and the National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC), on Feb. 11 at the Grand Opera House.

Stompfest is a competition between step teams and Greek organizations across the state, as well as other on campus student organizations.

Mercer organizations collaborate during the intermission segment of the competition to hold bragging rights all year long.

Meanwhile, outside Greek organizations compete for a cash prize in both the men’s and women’s categories.

Students and community members attend the event to watch the talents of various step teams performed by a number of schools.

Junior Breyana Davis, a member of QuadWorks planned the competition, and sent out applications to state schools earlier in the year.

“We sent out applications to Greek organizations, non-Greek organizations…basically anyone who has a step team. We followed up with teams in December and January (to ensure that they were still competing),” said Davis.

QuadWorks sent out applications to almost every school in Georgia, as well as others from South Carolina and Florida.

During the intermission competition, several organizations partnered with one another in order to promote Greek unity.

“Our intermission show is designed to get the NPHC Greeks involved with the Pan-Hellenic and Interfraternity Council, to promote Greek unity. That is why there is always that big competition, because everyone is just trying to win and get bragging rights,” said Davis.

This year was the first to garner a crowd filled with mostly non-Mercer students, and it was also the first year to have all of the members of the Divine Nine Greek Organizations in attendance.

This year, there were five teams who participated for the cash prize. Taking home the men’s award was Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  from Albany State University and garnering the women’s prize was Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. from Georgia Southern University.

The winning teams were awarded $1500.

During the intermission part of the show, the Pan-Hellenic Council and IFC usually join forces with one of the NPHC Greeks that they have worked with in the past. The winner for this year’s intermission show was Lamda Chi Alpha, Chi Omega and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Junior Morgan Robinson was excited for their third title in a row, and was excited to partner with Lamda Chi Alpha and Chi Omega once again.

“They are just good company to have. It is really just to branch out beyond NPHC,” said Robinson.

Although they did not win the intermission segment of Stompfest, the partnership between Alpha Gamma Delta and Omega Psi Phi was a crowd pleaser.

Our particular show incorporated a lot of different people including Alphas, Kappas and Omegas. We had representation from each organization teach the ‘signature’ moves from the fraternities,” said senior and Alpha Gamma Delta member Kathleen Richardson.

 Many of the competing organizations during the intermission included the “signature moves.”

“Working with the Ques was really amazing. They were so supportive of the ladies that participated and helped whenever they could,” said Richardson.

Davis hopes that eventually, Mercer NPHC Greeks will be able to participate in the competition.

“This year alone, we just had issues trying to get teams,” said Davis.

She also added that the Deltas and Ques were among the Greek organizations not represented during this year’s competition.

“Since NPHC is helping to sponsor it, I feel like Mercer should be allowed to compete even if they have to partner up with another chapter,” added Davis.

Mercer students, Quadworks and NPHC hope to continue to plan and hope to make Stompfest a longstanding Mercer tradition.