Spring Career Fair success


A Career fair, sponsored by Mercer Career Services, was held on Feb. 15 in the University Center. The fair was open to all students and offered a variety of job and internship opportunities.

At the fair there were over 40 potential employers that covered a wide range of career opportunities for all students, from business majors to history majors.

Rooshi Patel, an Information Science and Technology major, was hoping to put himself out there and meet potential employers before graduation.

Patel said he was most interested in, “[Employers] like the FBI, Gulfstream, Verizon, Spherion and CNN.”

Patel suggested that students who attend the fair come prepared.

“[Students should wear] business attire and keep their resume updated. The employers may not remember your name but your resume should make a lasting impression. That’s probably the most important thing,” he said.

One booth at the fair was the DEA, which is the federal Drug Enforcement Agency. The DEA works with over 60 countries who themselves have their own versions of the DEA in the fight against illicit drugs. Other booths included Spherion, United States Air Force, Georgia Farm Bureau and CNN.

Students interested in international travel were able to meet and talk with DEA, Peace Corps, Air-force and the United States Army. However, most potential employers at the event were based out of Atlanta and middle-Georgia.

To get a sense of how the career requirements were different, the DEA agent said that they required a psychological physical and drug evaluation in addition to a college degree which was limited to technical, accounting, business and language degrees.

Spherion, a private company, took experience along with a degree and the spokesman for Spherion emphasized expanded job responsibilities beyond what your major might entail while the DEA would train you in everything you need to know to do the job.

Although a student with any major could find opportunities at the fair, those knowledgeable in technology and engineering were in high demand.

The most important qualities the Air Force said they were looking for were high moral and ethical standards, as well as a well-rounded person.

“Expect change and we will take you out of your comfort zone on purpose. We do this because we bring out qualities in future Airmen that they never knew they had,” explained the represenative for the Air Force.

Private industries like CNN and Spherion emphasized flexibility, experience and independence.

Independence and self-motivation seemed very important to CNN.

Overall people from any spectrum whether you are of high moral character or are self-motivated and independent can find potential job opportunities.

Career Services offers career guidance, job search assistance and graduate school search assistance.

For more information visit their website at http://studentaffairs.mercer.edu/careerservices or set up an appointment by calling 478-301-2863.