Looking back, I probably should not have… recorded that show

For those of you who constantly find yourself looking back on those dreadful mistakes you made on that night where your conscience was blurred and intentions were good, this is the time to man up to your blunder and face the eventual consequences.

Have you ever found yourself doing something unspeakable and stopping mid-task to realize that the red button of your recording device was not showing?

Have you ever found yourself irritated by the constant shameful glares and disgusted responses to your guilty pleasures of documenting these revolting scenes?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by a series of long, continuous lines of unnecessary questioning? I have.

In most cases, I cannot control my impulsive urge of adding another 30 minutes or an hour to my video collection each week.

Most of the time, I enjoy watching my footage again and again in my living room or even off the internet.

I am unmistakably confessing my addiction to the constant cycle of new primetime television sitcoms and dramas. What did you think I was talking about?

Even with my overflowing agenda of work, classes and social life, I cannot help but keep an eye out for any given impending series.

Whether tacky, unoriginal or just ridiculous, I cannot help but feel intrigued by returning celebrities and the hope of the next big hit.

With the immediate success of a show such as ABC’s Modern Family, each upcoming pilot brings new-found optimism.

In regards to the recent 30-minute comedies of 2 Broke Girls, the FRIENDS-like Happy Endings, Zooey Deschanel’s quirky New Girl, Tim Allen’s return to primetime in Last Man Standing, the fatties of Mike & Molly or the living within you means story behind Raising Hope, I keep coming back due to the likeable characters and my need-to-know mind-set.

On that same note, there has been a recent flurry of hour-long dramas such as Kiefer Sutherland’s return to FOX in Touch, Katherine McPhee’s acting debut in Smash, the ultimate payback in Revenge, the creative fairy tells of Once Upon A Time and the LOST-like surprises of Alcatraz.

I am staying tuned to find the clichéd diamond in the rough. When one show collapses, I many times use that as an excuse to add another two or three.

While it may feel like a sickness, I find myself spending little-to-no money visiting the movie theatre’s jacked-up prices and watch the majority of my television shows commercial free on DVR or online.

Seeing that I found terrific favorites through sitcoms such as Neil Patrick Harris’ ongoing “legendary” performances on How I Met You Mother and the loveable nerds of The Big Bang Theory, I cannot help to think that another great show is on the horizon.

With up and down performances of the drama-filled Glee and the disappointing finishes to shows such as LOST and 24, fans like me stay tuned because we know no matter how ridiculous or generic they may be, consistency is key.

They always seem to produce a few chuckles or gasps as they give me a much needed break from homework.

With the rise of the internet, the continuous streaming of films and shows on the web, the inflation of ticket prices at the box office and the unwarranted amount of 3D films, the movie theatre experience isn’t quite what it used to be.

It is more sensible to find the time to watch a quick 20 or 45 minute episode of a reliably decent TV program on my computer than pay an arm and a leg to flip a coin at the chances that Journey 2 or the 15th installment of Underworld will be anything close to bearable.

Even though I continuously tell myself “I probably shouldn’t have recorded that” with each passing Monday, I know my loyalties will remain whether the series lasts 10 episodes or 10 years.

Do not get me wrong, my love for movies will always remain as the DVD rack in my room continues to fill.

With that said, I find myself reaching time and time again for the first two seasons of Modern Family than any of my movies.

Keeping up with all of these shows can be very time-consuming and distracting, but I feel I can handle the juggle as long as I don’t go overboard and attempt to record every show on TV.


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