SGA meetings on Mondays need to be better attended

Let’s be honest, 90 percent of campus has never been to an SGA meeting and sat in the gallery.

I have not been there, and I deeply regret that.

For too long, Mercer students simply sit by and let the Student Government Association do their own thing with little in the way of common student interaction beyond elections that happen a few times during the year.

This is not what a representative body needs to be. Blame can definitely fall on both sides of the spectrum, as many can argue that SGA has not tried hard enough to increase the common Mercer student’s influence.

However, more needs to be made of it. Who is SGA to decide what is done with over $150,000 in funding? Well, we elect them, do we not?

Therefore, should we not have more of an influence in what they do?

Can we blame SGA for not reaching out?

Maybe as seniors, we are assumed to know how to get in touch with our representatives responsible for us.

However, I do not feel that this is an acceptable assumption.

In the recent hub-bub surrounding the recycling expansion that was passed, all senators were pleaded to go ask what their constituents felt about the issue.

Despite knowing all of the senior senators, I do not remember any of them asking myself or any senior I had asked.

I feel like this is a horrible dereliction of duty.

I did see several senators asking about opinions from different classes.

However, I feel that there is a dangerous unbalance of power in SGA currently.

There are individuals who vote as blocks and pass on votes to see how others vote.

While I have not been there to witness, I have heard that some members of SGA are so passive, they will pass on an important vote just to see which way to vote from the individuals whom they follow.

We can chalk this up to people trying to push their platform though, which is perfectly legitimate since they ran for office and won it based in popular vote, or we can chalk this up to an abuse of power.

I do not want to make accusations, but rather I feel that the student body must hold their representatives accountable. SGA meetings on Monday must be better attended.

This is a must for Mercer in order to progress as a university. I really believe this.

I am planning on attending at least a few SGA sessions before I graduate, if only to be more knowledgeable of what’s going on behind closed doors.

I hear that it is bitter and full of vitriol, but many senators feel that this would be calmer if normal people were there.

In essence, I know I have previously asked Mercerians to unite and come together via sporting events.

However, it is much more urgent that we take stock and get our own voices heard.

The voting blocs in SGA might cease to become so uniform, and students might actually get asked for their input.

I think it is a great strategy. Go ask who your senators are and expect some feedback about how SGA is doing from them.

We cannot remain passive and ignorant of the decisions made by those that we elect into power.


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