Viva la sport!

Student sections rule. I absolutely love being in them, seeing them, and laughing at/with them. Last year, there was a rather controversial column from another writer that saw one of our own blast our own student section for not being loud enough. Personally, I saw that happening. However, I understand it’s really tough to get loud and crazy at a game when you’re going to it and watching your team get its ass kicked repeatedly.
I know I’m riding the current wave of support for the Bears based on an impressive seven-game winning streak that the Bears are on. However, if we can’t get rowdy and crazy now, then what’s the point? What’s more fun than being up by 10 and telling your opponents that they remind you of Draco Malfoy, a Backstreet Boy, Scary Spice, an adolescent, Sandusky, or any other somewhat derogatory name in good, old fashioned love?
If you don’t know what I am talking about, then get yourself to a Mercer game and sit up near the front of the student section. I will be there, and I am one of the loudest, but probably one of the meanest, since I routinely told USC-Upstate last weekend that third place must have felt real nice.
Sports just bring people together. I might not like the person sitting behind me at a game, but for two hours, we’re united against the Bruins, Bison, Dolphins, Eagles, Hatters, Owls, Yellow Jackets, Bulldogs, or Midshipmen. For the record, we’ve played all of those teams this year and more. I don’t get how people can go to a game and not get pumped up, but I am proud of every single one of you who scream and chant along with the cheerleaders, band, and Hoffman’s Hooligans. It’s exhilarating, and I implore all of you to go (again).
Let’s get that whole stadium a-rocking the way it was when James Florence would put the team on his back and run us to another heart-stopping victory. I can remember Sunday afternoon games where the stadium is packed out. I know that we are beginning to win again, and people are beginning to come out again. The campus needs this. Just wait until football! Tailgating and the whole gameday atmosphere is a must.
Personally, I wish that whatever organizations possible could do more for gamedays on the weekend than what we currently have. I love Homecoming, and I know we can’t have something that big all the time, but why not something similar? Let’s drive the car out onto the court and have Toby wave the flag into the arena? I love sports. I really do. These sound like the delusions of a madman, but wouldn’t that get you pumped up even more?
If we could get everyone just clapping and yelling during free throws, we could make this one hell of trip for Belmont on the 25th. Isn’t that what we want? Mercer stands for us, so let’s get out there and support them even more. I have seen an increase already this year as the season has progressed, and it exhilarates me. I find this entire atmosphere electrifying, and I invite all of you to come out and do the same (that’s at least three invitations). You’ll have fun, lose your voice, and probably get a few nasty looks from the opposing team’s bench. Sounds like a great night. Go Bears and bring it on Belmont!