Every life deserves respect and honor

Once I was asked, “Do you find that your life is more important than that of a dog?” This question arose out of a conversation between my friends and I.

The topic of discussion came about when we saw a dog lying on the side of a road. Sadly it was hit by a car. I noticed how not that many of my friends felt pity for the poor animal, and I asked why.

Most of them replied that it’s just a dog. I guess some saw disappointment on my face, which brought about the question.

I honestly do not believe that my life is more important than any other being’s. I care for my life and I want to keep on living, but to say one’s life is more important than another is false.

Though I do admire my life, it does not necessarily mean that I view it as being greater. In other words, I feel that all lives are on an equal level.

The only being who will think that my life is more important than others is myself.

In truth, someone on the other side of the world could have just died. You probably might feel bad about the information, but you do not truly care since it is not you or someone you know closely.

Most people have that kind of selfish attitude. We all value our lives, which I have no problem with, but to discredit another’s life is slightly wrong in my eyes.

Most of us barely tend to care about other’s lives unless it is somewhat personal. That poor dog probably had a family waiting for it, some little kid who wakes up every morning just to see its best friend and pet.

Honestly if I died today, not that many people around the world would care, save for those that I have come to know throughout my life.

The same statement can be applied to any of you who read this article. You never know when you will be that dog lying on the side of the road.

I for one will continue to be thankful for each day I live to see and honor those who have passed. All beings deserve to be respected.


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