One man's trash is your birthday gift

The flurry of gift giving holidays has passed. You scored big this year! However, you find yourself with that one gift you just don’t want. If you are careful, there is a trick to getting rid of this item you feel “stuck” with: regift it! Show someone you care by giving them the gift you don’t want. Nothing says “I’m your [insert term of endearment here]” like a recycled gift!
Now, if you are thinking about regifting in the near future or even for the upcoming holiday seasons, there are a few questions that you will need to consider.
First off, is the gift you are planning to give regiftable? Mercer is notorious for giving away “free” shirts and most students have at least three of them lying around. Just because you don’t want that shirt doesn’t mean it’s an appropriate gift to give to someone else. Sure, they make great promotional items and the parents/grandparents/siblings love the shirts because they are proud of you, but don’t pass those shirts on to someone else just because you don’t want to spend a few extra bucks when someone asks you for something Mercer-related. That being said, free promotional items are pretty much off limits for regifting. Other un-regiftable items include handmade crafts given to you, signed memorabilia and monogrammed items.
The next thing to consider when regifting is the condition of the item in question. Never give partially used gift cards or items that you have owned for a long time. Chances are the person you are giving the gift to has seen your stuff, assuming you have owned it long enough. They won’t be afraid to call you out on it, either. (Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.) Only new, unopened gifts should be considered for regifting. As a general rule: if you have to dust it off, don’t regift it.
A successful regifter takes into account who will be receiving the item. Don’t give a regifted gift just to give a gift. Make sure that the person you are giving the gift to will appreciate the item. Don’t find yourself in the situation where they feel obligated to pay it forward and regift the item. Also, make sure you remember who originally gave you the item. Giving a gift that no one wants is one thing, but giving the item as a gift back to the person who originally gave it to you results in some serious consequences. Only regift items to people who won’t come into contact with the original giver.
Now, if you are considering regifting, you are probably short for cash or just trying to beat the system. However, when it comes to giving gifts, appearance is everything! Gift bags, in good condition, can be reused. Never reuse wrapping paper, that’s just tacky. You are already saving money on buying the gift; always spend those few extra dollars for a new card or gift tag.
There is one last question you need to consider when regifting an item. Can you handle the secrecy? You obviously don’t want to tell the person, “Oh, by the way, I actually got this from my so-and-so that nobody likes.” That’s not cool. However, don’t act all guilty either.
Regifting isn’t a crime. It can actually be a wonderful thing!