Police beat roundup


Mercer Police resolved a total of 16 incidents on campus during the months of December and January.

Dec. 8: An officer on patrol noticed a car which had driven up on a median and damaged its tires.  The officer investigated and found the driver appeared to be intoxicated.  Signs of intoxication included red eyes, slow speech, and he had urinated on himself.  The driver refused to take an breathalyzer test and was arrested and transported to the Bibb County LEC.

Dec. 9:
A student reported he was knocked down and his wallet was stolen from behind MEP.  The student chased his assailant for quite a distance.  The thief dropped the wallet but took money and an ATM card.

Dec. 11: A student reported he was chased by a man he encountered while walking on College Street inside the campus.

Dec. 15: A student reported her car appeared to have been entered without her knowledge.  Her key would not fit the ignition but there was no sign of damage.  Another student’s Bearcard was found in the car.  An inquiry revealed the Bearcard had been lost the previous spring.  The owner of the car and the owner of the Bearcard did not know each other.

Dec. 28: A woman went into Ingleside Village Pizza and when she returned to her car, she saw a man jump out.  He left four screwdrivers in the car.  One of these was in the ignition.  After jumping out of the car, the man ran across I-75.

Jan. 3: Officers responded to a call about an owl in the middle of a street rather than in a tree where owls normally are.  The Dept. of Natural Resources provided the name of someone who came and rescued the wayward owl.

Jan. 11: An employee reported someone stole her food from the refrigerator: two snack cakes and a small sign.

Jan. 11:
A student reported hearing a noise from the roof above her room.  It was reported to have sounded like ice sliding off the roof.

Jan. 17:
A student reported her vehicle had been broken into while parked at one of the apartment lots.

Jan. 19:
A student reported receiving several harassing phones believed to be from an old boyfriend.

Jan. 20:
A student reported he was robbed at gunpoint near the three-way intersection on Stadium Drive and Mercer University Drive.

Jan. 21:
A student reported receiving obscene notes.

Jan. 30:
A report of a broken window was received at Mercer Police.  Inquiry revealed that the baseball team was practicing and someone had hit the ball through the window.

Jan. 30:
Mercer Police received a call about two people asking for rides outside the RLC.  When the officers responded they learned the people had a van that was low on gas.  They wanted a ride to get some gas.   Continued discussion revealed the men were drinking and neither one had a valid license or insurance.  One said he was from Mississippi but did not have a license.  The other had an expired license from Virginia.  Because the officers smelled alcohol on the breath of the man driving the van, breathalyzer test was administered and the man registered over the limit for intoxication.  He was arrested and delivered to the Bibb Count LEC.  The other man was driven to his home by an officer.  Both men were given Criminal Trespass Warnings.

Jan. 31:
Officers responded to a call about two men looking into a car parked on campus.  The men turned out to be repo men and needed to take possession of the car.

To report a crime, call Mercer Police at 478-301-HELP (4357).