Organization Spotlight: American Marketing Association

Mercer’s student chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) offers opportunities for leadership, teamwork and networking to its members, comprised of 40,000 professional marketers in more than 600 chapters across over 100 countries. AMA at Mercer began last year and has since garnered up a respectable number of aspiring marketers, though the chapter is open to any students with an interest in marketing.
AMA began in the early 1900’s as a way to bring together marketers to collaborate. “It’s an old organization, there are collegiate chapters all over the country, there’s a lot here in Georgia… It’s a big part of what marketers do,” said Chapter Advisor, Dr. McClung.
According to Dr. McClung, the chapter’s first year at Mercer was about getting organized and finding structure. “This year we are trying to build a network with people who will want to hire.”  The chapter works alongside local and prominent marketing outlets.
AMA at Mercer holds two main events each year which allow students to gain valuable training and experiences. The first was held in the fall, appropriately titled, Marketing Week, where all students had the opportunity to attend speeches, presentations and mixers. Speakers included Atlanta Falcons and Robins Federal Credit Union representatives.
This spring, AMA will have a marketing day that will revolve around fashion marketing. “We are going to have a segment dealing with sports fashion. We are going to have someone in from Mary Kay. Other companies that are fashion companies will show us how they market their particular products, and then we will have a networking session so our students can meet people within the fashion industry,” said Dr. McClung.
In March there is the National Marketing Convention held this year in New Orleans. Over 1,200 collegiate students attend from all over the country. They compete against each other, learn from marketing professionals and network. Though Mercer cannot compete in the competition due to its size, they can still attend and meet people. “There are other things going on that will benefit the students,” said Dr. McClung.
The chapter has about 25 students, but hopes to achieve 40 by the end of next year, which would allow them to go into the competition. Students can join at any time for a once a year payment of $45. The money goes towards promotional items, dues to the State AMA chapter, and other expenses.
“We are going through the process of being recognized, state and nationally and we don’t have enough students to enter into the competition but at the end of the year I believe we will.”
Why should you join? Dr. McClung has the answer. “It’s a way to get your face in front of people who are going to hire you.”
For more information on joining the Mercer American marketing Association chapter, e- mail [email protected]