American media coverage needs to change


I really had a struggle with what to write about this week. It took a while to see what I felt was something that I felt called to write about.
In fact, it took some struggling to find something that I felt deserved attention.
Crap like Kim Kardashian’s ridiculously short marriage is a disgrace to the institution of marriage, the international community’s opinion of this country and the media.
The media should not have even covered this crap.
Hence, it set me on this point to just look at how much this nation has been ignoring important events internationally in favor of the lives of immature Hollywood starlets who need a stark reality check.
In the past few weeks, Liberia held open elections again, seeing incumbent female leader, and recent Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf retain her seat in another divisive election.
This is a woman who is attempting to bring the country together and into the future after years of civil war and previous government oppression.
For some reason, more Americans care about the lives of Kim Kardashian than Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
I don’t see Kim Kardashian putting her life in danger for something she cares about.
Yes, she has come out in support of the campaign to stop LGBT discrimination and for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but a blog post about something online can be done by anyone.
Egypt’s government that came out of the Arab Spring has experienced a return of protesting by the same individuals that overturned Mubarak one year ago.
Syria continues to have civil unrest as Syrians rise up against a dictator that has long gone unchallenged significantly.
Libya continues to change following the fall of Qaddafi.
More Americans are caring about elections that are still a year away as opposed to elections, while not in this country, that are going to change the course of history.
This is what matters, not the latest in Hollywood.
The one year anniversary of Wikileaks happened recently.
Most people hate Wikileaks since it showed the rest of the world just how corrupt and evil the U.S. can be at times to the international community.
Personally, while I hate that our country’s intelligence network was compromised, I was supportive of Wikileaks.
The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the press, and I feel that most people forget that.
If we’re going to live in a country so great and full of opportunity, then you have to realize that there are going to be some parts of it that you don’t like.
I do, but I’m not about to infringe on someone else’s rights because of it.
In essence, I think the media needs to get better. American media disguises the real issues by showing us crap about celebrities that really is not necessary.
It’s a waste. All of the money and financing generated in that sector could be better spent elsewhere.
The media’s unhealthy obsession with these people is due to society and what the American populace care about.
So why am I writing this? This is an open claim to people everywhere to stop caring so much about celebrities who don’t matter.
When you’re declining viewership and lack of interest in these buffoons is found, media outlets will change what they cover.
That is the most important thing for our society to achieve.
Maybe then, we will see a focus on different things in the media.
It is a step in the right direction for a nation that needs to care about the world a little bit more.
A globally conscious individual will be something valuable in the globalized economy we have transformed into.

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