organization spotlight: The Dulcimer

The Dulcimer was originally founded by the Student Government Association on Mercer’s campus in 1966. The first volume of the Dulcimer was published under the direction of William Dayton and was initially called The Plucked Dulcimer.
The purpose of making this artistic publication is to recognize the best of talent and creativity on Mercer’s campus and to provide the opportunity to share it with others. The Dulcimer showcases numerous original works of art, poetry, short fiction and nonfiction by Mercerians, alumni and professors, from charcoal drawing to short stories and all that is sandwiched between.
The Dulcimer is not greatly celebrated or notorious on campus, which is quite a shame when you consider all the effort that goes into the talented writings and skilled art that is captured in the publication.
Audra Jones, the editor-in-chief of this magazine agrees saying that her hope is to “revive The Dulcimer’s presence on campus,” and although she may be a tiny bit biased, she says, “The Dulcimer is an excellent publication.”
This is Jones’ first year as editor-in-chief, but her fourth year being a part of the artistic magazine. In the previous year she served as the literature editor. Her favorite part of working at The Dulcimer is that it allows her to “Work every single day with one of my greatest passions – literature.”
“Being exposed to the great work of other students has allowed me to improve my own writing,” said Jones. She believes it provides her with an enhanced appreciation for the originality and creative imagination that naturally exist in others.
The Dulcimer staff is in the process of planning innovative events for this coming semester. They are in the process of developing several monthly competitions for the diverse districts of artistic and literary abilities. Along with this, they are putting together their exciting annual spring fine arts show. Next semester the Dulcimer will throw their yearly publishing party for the new volume to be released this coming spring.
There are two separate ways become involved with The Dulcimer: one can either become a staff member, or a published writer or artist in the magazine. To be considered for a staff position you simply fill out an application. These applications can be requested at the publication’s email, [email protected]
To be regarded for publication you simply send your work to the same email. Any current student, graduate or faculty member can submit work to The Dulcimer. The process is effortless, and the artists or writers remain anonymous through the whole course of action.
The best way to keep up with The Dulcimer is through their group page on Facebook, where they will keep everyone posted on upcoming events. To find the group page you can simply search the name The Dulcimer.  This magazine is a fantastic way to get involved on campus and have your work become celebrated and known along with many other gifted artist and writers.