Mercer returns to Tunnel of Oppression


Tunnel of Oppression is an event put on by many college campuses across the nation. It will take place Nov. 1-3 at 7 to 9 p.m. in Connell Student Center.

Last year was the first time it was brought back to Mercer, sponsored by Quadworks, after a long rest period, and will be returning again this year. According to Breyana Davis, a worker for Quadworks, “Last year was a success because it was brought back. Many professors required their students to attend. Many students volunteered their time to help out, and there was a lot of positive feedback.”

The event highlights current issues of oppression ranging from domestic violence, sex trafficking, and race. Breyana and her co-chair, Chase Williams, will be running the whole production. She also stated, “Chase and I are responsible for picking the topics we would like to discuss. This year we had feedback from the actors which helped as well. We agree that these issues are common to the Macon Community and especially to Mercer.” The tours for this event will take place in a few weeks.

There will be a follow-up article after the event takes place.