Phi Mu hosts annual Phi-esta philanthropy


On Oct. 11 Phi Mu held its annual Phi-esta philanthropy event.  Despite the rainy weather, Phi-esta proved to be successful.
For two weeks leading up to the event Phi Mu members sold tickets for $3 each, which entitled each ticket holder to a heaping plate of nachos.  Greeting guests with a friendly “olé!”, Phi Mu members lined up under a tent outside the Phi Mu house.
As each person walked through the line, the Phi Mu members topped the nachos with his or her choice of traditional Mexican toppings.  Guests enjoyed their nachos at tables set up inside and outside the Phi Mu house while festive Mexican music played in the background.
This was the third consecutive year that Phi Mu has hosted Phi-esta. Phi Mu donates the money that Phi-Esta raises to its national philanthropy, The Children’s Miracle Network.
The Children’s Miracle Network provides funds to local children’s hospitals and each hospital decides where its needs are greatest and how the money will be best used.
Hospitals often use the funds to purchase equipment and to pay for children’s care, to support The Children’s Miracle Network’s mission of improving and saving the lives of as many children as possible.
According to Phi Mu President Candice McClung, Phi Mu designates its funds to go to support the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.  The funds that Phi Mu raises typically go to cover the normal operating costs of the hospital.  Last year, only in its second year of existence, Phi-esta raised over $1,700 for The Children’s Miracle Network.
Freshman Katie Houston, a member of Phi Mu, said, “Even though it rained, I felt like Phi-esta went really well.  It was a lot of fun.  When we told people that we were supporting The Children’s Miracle Network they were very willing to purchase tickets and donate money.”
Sophomore Stephanie Leigh and Junior Ann Marie McAllaster, both members of Alpha Gamma Delta, enjoyed attending Phi-esta.  “It felt good to help The Children’s Miracle Network,” Leigh said, “and I also liked being able to support Phi Mu.”
McAllaster agreed, saying “I enjoyed having the opportunity to support Phi Mu’s philanthropy, and it was fun to be able to spend time with members of another sorority.”
At the 2011 Greek Awards, held last spring, Phi Mu received the Panhellenic Philanthropy Award for its commitment to serving others. It also received the Outstanding Philanthropic Event award for Phi-esta.
McClung said of 2010’s Phi-esta, “Phi Mu proved to itself and the rest of the Greek community that, despite the fact that we had only had Phi-esta once before, and there was a torrential downpour the day of the event (which was to be held outside), we would persevere and build Phi-esta to its fullest potential.”
Phi-esta 2011 followed suit, living up to its potential and raising money for the local hospital.  For a mere $3, students walked away with full, satisfied stomach and the fulfillment of knowing that they helped Phi Mu provide support