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Complaint filed against Macon police

Christopher Kennedy

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Recently, a Mercer student’s vehicle was stolen and recovered by Macon Police.
However, the way the recovery was conducted has become a matter of considerable controversy over the past weeks.
Lynah Stone was taken to the site where her vehicle was recovered, and faced the suspects. Despite being accompanied by police officers, she said “I didn’t feel comfortable, you should never feel unsafe around a police officer…he made me feel like the suspect.” This conduct has motivated her mother to file a formal complaint with the Macon Police Department.
While the police upheld their duties, it is the methodology that is in question.
The Macon Police Department has made no formal press release or statement on the complaint on its repercussions.
Stone said that the complaint was filed “not out of vengeance” but that she does “not want any one to be put in that situation.”
The Mercer Police were the ones initially alerted to the situation, however, because the car could not be found on campus, they let Macon Police take over the search.
Larry Brumley, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, stated to the Macon Telegraph that this was the first time a car had been stolen from a student in years.
Perhaps this inexperience contributed somewhat to the questionable handling of the situation. However, the novelty of this event is certainly something students can take comfort in.
Stone continually praised the Mercer Police, saying that one Mercer officer stood by her side and talked to her about the way the Macon officer in question had treated her.
Stone indicated that she did not expect any official apology and mostly wanted the situation to quiet down.
However, she said she does want the officer “to know that he chose wrong” although she is not looking for serious repercussions for him.
The overall reaction to this situation has been so fairly widespread because it is a violation of what is widely acknowledged as the “Mercer Bubble,” a term that has become popular as a way of denoting the sharp contrast between the atmosphere of Mercer and the atmosphere of the community immediately surrounding the University.
Students regularly express a desire to escape the “bubble” for a period of time, however, this is usually done in volunteering or shopping trips.
The idea of the “bubble” also denoted a certain insulation and tranquility, and to see that violated has caused considerable upset, even though the official safety level of the campus has not changed.
This has led to discussion of further safety protocols.
The general consensus is that Mercer Police do a great job of policing the campus, but the University’s proximity to questionable neighborhoods has led to some, including Stone, to suggest closing off an entrance or two.
However, Brumley said to the Telegraph, “We can’t become a fortress, but we do work diligently at making sure we have adequate patrols.”
However, even with the current level of security, when asked if she felt safe parking on or near campus now, Stone said “I do, we have great Mercer Police force here.”

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No Responses to “Complaint filed against Macon police”

  1. Guest on October 21st, 2011 2:26 pm

    This is an awful article. It is poorly written and I have no clue where the conflict actually is. If you would like to try again, the student body would appreciate it. You may start with how the officers treated her, otherwise, we think she is a spoiled little whiny rich girl. Also, “what” is with the “random placement” of quotations in this article? Have you ever written “an” article before? Have you ever written a “paper” before?


  2. Horatio Nelson4 on October 23rd, 2011 12:58 pm

    Its true I have no idea what the Macon Police actually did.


  3. Guest on October 24th, 2011 12:10 am

    I do not understand how you can say that this girl is a “spoiled little whiny rich girl” when she is quite obviously the victim in this case. Her car was stolen and she was taken to a bad part of town where she was forced to stand face to face with the people who stole her car. That would make any person extremely uncomfortable. Don’t be rude.


    Guest Reply:

    Oh how ridiculous! Everywhere can’t be a ‘good – Mercer Bubble’ type of town. This article is horrible and leaves a lot of details omitted. Why did she file a report? Because she was forced to go to a bad part of town to get her stolen car? Get used to it, life isn’t all ivory towers and “learning is fun”…


  4. MLawStudent on October 25th, 2011 12:06 am

    This article is poorly written. The format, style, and content is all inadequate.

    Without more details, I can only image what this student went through. I certainly notice the bubble at Mercer as well. While security on campus needs to be tight, I do wish that the community and the University were more interconnected. By the way… the Mercer Police do an excellent job.


  5. Mercer Junior on October 26th, 2011 8:39 pm

    “Larry Brumley, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, stated to the Macon Telegraph that this was the first time a car had been stolen from a student in years.”
    Actually, a sophomore female’s car got stolen off of campus last fall (2010).  The vehicle was parked on Elm Street next to MEP and was stolen during the Homecoming Bonfire. 


    Mercer Senior Reply:

    Very true.  Also, Mercer Police did a horrible job recovering the car, and refused to file the case until the following Monday.


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Complaint filed against Macon police