Tatnall streetscapes concept finalized, construction to begin by next summer

It was recently announced that the College Hill Alliance received a grant from the Transportation Enhancement Grant Program matched by the Knight Neighborhood Challenge and Mercer University along with a number of other contributors to make renovations to Tatnall Square Park.
College Hill Alliance is currently in the final stages of the design phase, having finalized the concept for the area. “We are hoping to have construction under way by next summer,” said Nadia Osman, Director of Communication and Outreach for the College Hill Alliance.
The next step is to get the plan approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation, and once approved they can hire a landscaper and architect to bring these plans to life.
The goal of these renovations is to help revitalize the Tatnall Square Park area.  “The goal is to create a park similar to the Forsyth Park in Savannah. We want the park to be filled by residents and students so that people can have a common ground outdoors and have more of a connection with the neighborhood,” explained Osman.
College Hill Alliance has a master plan for the entire park but this small portion of it will provide renovations that will spread from Tatnall Square Park down to Oglethorpe Street.
“It is such a large park and it is very important that it be revitalized along with the rest of the projects that are happening in the neighborhood,” said Osman.
These renovations for Tatnall Square Park include adding a seat wall, parallel parking on both sides of the street, raised crosswalks and adding a bike lane.
One of the major improvements to the aesthetics that the College Hill Alliance is looking into is having the utilities buried. “We are talking to Georgia Power about having all of the utilities buried and re-routed behind Alexander II that way your landscape is full of trees and not power lines,” said Osman.
Plans for Oglethorpe Street include implementing parallel parking on both sides of the street, adding crosswalks and pedestrian lighting.
The plan also addresses some of the issues of safety in the area. “It is a matter of matching people’s perceptions with the facts. This is one of the safer precincts,” expressed Osman.
The improvements to the walking areas will help students and parents in the Alexander II area.
“Addressing public safety, when we have more people outside will help more people feel safer,” explained Osman.
Osman also urges students that would like to get involved in helping to make improvements to the area to apply for the Knight Neighborhood Challenge. They helped to fund the design concept for the Tatnall Square Park improvements.
“Students can also apply for these grants for senior research projects and design projects ranging from solar powered trash compactors to planting trees,” said Osman.
College Hill Alliance is optimistic about the plans being approved, so students can look forward to construction beginning next summer and continuing throughout the year.