Society has allowed human nature to take a turn for the worse; what would God say?

Due to a reading assignment, I had a chance to revisit a song that I enjoy. Though it is kind of weird for a person to be reminded of a song while reading, it is more common than you may think.
When I was reading “Servant, Birthright,” a poem by Pattiann Rogers, the song “One of Us” by Joan Osborne came to mind. In this song, Joan asks, “What if God was one of us?” This question is one that we all should ask each other.
I must honestly say that it would not be as good as one might think. Over the years, people have begun to deviate from what can be recognized as kindness.
If God was truly one of us, I honestly believe that there would be a very high chance that he would not be fully happy. God would experience what we all have experienced, maybe even more.
This world that we live in now is more brutal and very dangerous. What we once described as being human nature has been perverted.
People are being murdered for senseless things, they are easily corrupted by greed and they let their own selfishness rule their thoughts and deeds. Many people try their best to ask themselves what would Jesus do, but so far they are not coming up with the right answers.
It has become common amongst many of us to ignore those in our very own neighborhoods. There are people who are struggling to get out of their situations, situations that could easily be fixed if you would lend a hand.
What if God was that lonesome hobo asking you for a few dollars to get himself something to eat? Many people would pass him by. Some would think that he is just going to use that money to buy himself some alcohol or crack, but who can blame them for thinking that?
It’s truly not their fault that this world is constantly becoming more corrupt by the second. But that lonesome hobo shouldn’t have to suffer through a rampage of judgmental eyes either. Instead of giving him money to go get what you may be drugs, assist him in finding a safe place to sleep for the night. Help him find a haven to which he can return to so that he wouldn’t have to be all alone. Show him some kindness or some love, so he too can recognize that there is still some goodness in people.
What if God was that kid that you picked on just because he or she was too fat or too ugly? What if God was that professor you gave a hard time, just because you hated their class? What if God was that pregnant girl you belittled because you viewed her as being too fast or promiscuous?
What if God was that kid that no one reached out a helping hand to assist, who was constantly being beat every day when he went home from school? What if God was that kid who jumped in front of the bullet to save his loved one?
What if God was that homosexual that you bullied because he was happy to be whoever he was? What if God was one of us?

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