Alabama's recent immigration laws racist to South American immigrants

It is time to take stock of our lives as Americans and face the question that has plagued our country for centuries: what should we do about immigration?
Let us take it a bit further. What should we do about illegal immigration?
Well, it seems that Alabama has a new plan to take on the question of immigration. This plan includes anti-immigration laws that require Alabama police to act as immigration enforcement agents by demanding proof of legal status from anyone appearing to be foreign.
The laws also require public school officials to check the legal status of students and their parents before allowing children to attend public schools.
All in all, the new laws will limit access to housing, utilities, schools and employment to anyone who cannot produce the proper documentation proving that they are either American citizens or legal immigrants.
While the Alabama law may be taking the question of immigration a bit too far— I mean, some of the provisions are downright racist — the new laws definitely shine the spotlight on the issue of illegal immigration.
It cannot be denied that thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing our borders every year. From Cuba, to Mexico, to Latin and South America, there are plenty are immigrants flooding into the United States.
There have been numerous reactions to this problem over the years. In the early 20th century, when thousands of Irish and Chinese immigrants came into the country, the solution was to contain the problem with separate ghettos.
Now, when there are thousands of immigrants coming into the county from Mexico, among other countries, the solution is to tighten border security in an attempt to stop the immigration indefinitely.
Regardless of if this approach is actually working, I wondered why this immigration is even an issue.
Yes, illegal immigrants are “stealing” American jobs. Jobs that no American would choose to do in the first place, might I add.
Yes, most of them do not speak English, and yes, some of them are abusing the housing and federal aid systems.
But aside from all of that, are those things truly the real problem that most Americans have with illegal immigrants? Or is there another issue that goes straight past their job status to an issue of skin color?
Would Americans react the same way if the immigrants were coming from European countries?
Why do illegals from South American countries get more attention and action than illegals coming in from Canada?
Could it be because Canadians look like the majority of us? Could it be that they speak the same language as us? Could it be that they blend in with us?
Is the reason that illegal South American immigrants get such negative reactions because they stick out? Would we even care if they came in illegally if they were white and spoke English?
Somehow I do not think so, because then, how would Alabama police know who to stop and from who to demand proof of status? We would all look the same.
I think the reason that illegal Hispanic immigrants get so much attention is because they cannot blend in with us; they stick out like a sore thumb.
That fact that this racial discrimination is still present in our society is disgusting. When are we going to finally look past the issue of skin color and see that every person is truly a human being that deserves respect, regardless of the color of their skin or the language they speak?
This is America; aren’t we supposed to be a country that embraces difference, not shuns it?
Why can we not accept Hispanic immigrants like we have accepted European immigrants?
I think it is high time to remember that the Civil Rights battles have already taken place and equal status has already been gained.
Stop judging based on skin color alone, and if the problem truly is that of illegal status, crack down on all illegal immigrants and not just ones who look Hispanic.

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