Soccer approaches playoffs, 3-on-3 basketball begins

Students are settled into their homes, books are rolling in, tests have begun, the grass and courts are ready and Intramural sports are in full swing.
As soccer’s regular season comes to a close, the new format of 3-on-3 basketball is just heating up. Returning due to high request, the 3-on-3 basketball league has gone from its recent setup of a one-weekend double-elimination playoff to a season that stretches for three weeks and ending in a double elimination playoff (all occurring on Sundays of each week).
As of Friday, Sept. 16:
In the Co-Rec division, APO&FRIENDS, Dynamitochondria, and Wesley are the only teams of the 17-team league that remain unbeaten at 3-0. Elias Hall from Haygood’s Heroes leads all scorers with an astounding nine goals.
In the Men’s Competitive division, The Kingdom leads all eight teams with a 3-0-1 record. Michael Lopez has stood out of the crowd with an impressive seven goals in four games.
In the other men’s division (Men’s Recreational), Los Lobos and Dynamitochondria are tied atop the 10-team league with 3-0 records. Steve Hotz from The White Coats leads the league with seven goals.
Finally, in the Women’s division, The Right Knee Cripples lead the league with a 3-0 mark. ADPi member Kendall Cowart is ahead of all scorers in the five-team division with five goals scored.
To add to the already exciting hype of Intramurals, this year, playoffs will be done a little differently. “We’re excited about a new feature that will allow teams to select their position on the playoff bracket so that they can select the times that they play and who they play,” said Assistant Director of Intramurals Todd Thomas. Now, teams will be ranked in order based on record and then they will get the opportunity to select their spot on the bracket in order of seeding. “It’s just another step we’re taking to provide participants more control over their playing experience,” added Thomas.
As far as 3-on-3 basketball is concerned, games continue to be played on Sundays, as the playoffs will be coming up shortly. With 18 total teams participating and just five squads leaving week one unbeaten, it is anyone’s tournament to win or lose.