Lucas' prejudiced ways detrimental to Macon

At the risk of sounding like a man who doesn’t want women in office, I am getting on my soapbox again this week to lament the impact that Elaine Lucas is having on the city of Macon.
She does not deserve public office, because she has abused the position and has helped lead Macon further away from a bright future that sees Macon become an important part of the Southeast.
She and her husband both have caused more racism and prejudice with their words and idiocy.
I will be honest; I have really only started paying attention this summer during the elections for the primaries.
I noticed a friend had posted on a Facebook page called “Remove Elaine Lucas from Office.”
I was really intrigued. I began to look through the pictures of the page that were screenshots of things she had said and written on public websites such as Facebook.
It was truly despicable, the rhetoric and vitriol that she had used to convince her voting constituents that there were still “carpetbaggers” and active KKK groups out to get them if she didn’t stay in office, along with the “nationwide plot to unseat Obama” running through her position in East Macon.
I could go on and on quoting the things she says, but the essence of what she is saying is that the Republican Party wishes to enslave and cripple the black/African-American population in Macon.
It is a sad day when she attacks her own party members with such hatred, only to see her husband lose his seat to Miriam Paris—who I hope will be a great improvement.
Chris Horne, supported by many people who share similar views with me, only lost by 126 votes, meaning that plenty of people are seeing what kind of fool she is.
Trenton White, former SGA President and a current SGA Senior Senator, spoke with me about what he has noticed.
I routinely saw him respectfully comment back to Lucas on her personal Facebook page, where she would dodge and ignore his intelligent comments.
“We don’t need that sort of unfounded slander in our local leaders,” White said.
He also told me that “[He] closely followed the summer’s citywide elections and was very disappointed by Elaine Lucas. Even now, Ms. Lucas consistently uses divisive and inflammatory rhetoric that undermines any sort of unity our community is building.”
Trent had the same emotions I, as well as hundreds of others, have. In fact, there is a campaign to bring her up on ethics violations for the harmful words she says.
To give proof as to the slavery comments, she wrote in August that “Republicans are our masters and really know what we need.
We ought to be happy that we have such kind people taking care of us. All they want us to do is behave like good little children and pick dis here cotton. Now let’s all get back to work or I’ll tell master on you.”
This is just another moment in a long line of idiotic and ignorant things she has said, only to fuel racial stereotypes and further harm the city of Macon.
Lucas might have supported upgrading Jeffersonville Road, supported the Marriott Hotel in her ward, sponsored the Booker T. Washington Center’s rehabilitation, and secured $500,000 for the Rosa Jackson Center.
However, a few improvements to centers and fixing a road is not enough to wipe out the bitter words that are now on the public response.
She has even insulted Macon residents on Facebook who don’t even have public office.
Nevertheless, her inflated ego is also a great stumbling block, simply because she has convinced herself that the road to Obama’s re-election for the U.S. Presidency runs through her position next year.
It is nice to know that our elected officials care more about national politics than the own areas they are supposed to represent.
Claiming that the Republican Party’s agenda is all anti-black and racist against African Americans is a bit extreme, especially since no one in the Republican Party is changing his or her name to include offensive hate organizations like she is—e.g. Erick Erikson to Erikkk Erikkkson.
The city of Macon would be better off without her involvement.
I’m not an expert, but any elected official who does not add any benefit to the city—she also has sponsored boycotting local restaurants— while saying some very horrible things needs to lose her position.
She doesn’t even support the mayor despite his being in office.
Elaine Lucas has been around since the 1980s. Her presence is bad news. She was brought up on faking sick leave in 1995 by the Bibb County Board of Education in the amount of $634.38, along with two others.
This culture of thinking that she’s above everyone else must be nipped in the bud, finally.
Hopefully the massive amount of complaints about her breaking the code of ethics will finally change something in this city.
As for you Mercerians, I urge you to get involved.
There are bound to be good and bad individuals at all levels of government, all around the country.
I want to get involved and see if I can help turn the tide against propagated racism in Macon.

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