Quadworks hosts Music Trivia Night

QuadWorks held a Music Trivia Night in the Bear Rock Café of the University Center Sept. 17.
Featured on the WAM (Weekends at Mercer) program, the trivia night targeted students staying on campus over the weekend.  While some questions tested students’ knowledge of classic rock, most of the questions focused on the most popular bands and singles of the nineteen nineties.
Unlike other trivia nights, this event was completely student led by Mercer’s QuadWorks organization.
About 50 people organized themselves  into several teams of three to five people. There were five rounds of five questions each. In the first four rounds, each question was worth ten points while the fifth consisted of a bonus round where each question was worth twenty points apiece.
Prizes awarded at the end of each round included energy drinks, snacks, movies on DVD, dry-erase markers, dry-erasers and capped coffee mugs.
After each round a winner was determined by a cumulative point total. However, every single traditional point round required a tie-breaker. Ties were settled via “finish the lyric” competitions using popular songs. At the conclusion of round three, five teams were tied. The Quadworks judges initiated a dance-off, where the winner was determined by the volume of audience cheer. Ultimately, Team Beast won the dance-off.
While all teams scored relatively low when compared to the total possible points,  Team Winning was in first place at the end of the competition. Team Winning actually missed the first round, costing their score 50 potential points.
“We was [sic] in it to win it,” said Winifred Kennebrew. Earning just 190 points out of 300 possible points, junior members Sarah Murihia , Melanie King, Winifred Kennebrew and Belsy Garcia, were ecstatic with their victory, especially after finding $25  iTunes gift cards inside their prize mugs.
Almost every QuadWorks meeting is open to the public. Individuals wishing to suggest activities for Quadworks should attend one of the weekly meeting in Conference Room one of the Connel Center.