Avoid the cold now, serious conditions for life

Running is a great way to stay in shape and keep healthy, but of course there are many more unconventional ways to stay healthy. And I say unconventional because we don’t all have the time to go the gym or the money to hire a personal trainer. Here are a couple of outside-the-box ideas for getting some exercise during your busy schedule.
We’ve all heard of the gentleman who carries a lady’s books to class; but this extra miniscule 5-7 lbs isn’t going to get you fit. A true gentleman wanting to stay fit will carry the girl, as well as her books, to class.
This guarantees that the fellow is as chivalrous as he is hulkingly toned.
For those who do not wish to carry other students to class, Mercer University offers a program where students can rent brand-new bikes for only $30 per semester. This is the perfect opportunity to exercise while on your way to class.
Geneve Lopez shared, “I just rented a bike from the Bear Bikes program and I ride it to all my classes. The bikes are great and it definitely gives you a good work out. Plus, I’m never late to class anymore!”
So rent that bike as soon as possible and start biking- instead of driving- to class right away.
Mercer student Samuel Johnson prefers to stay fit while having fun. He said, “I like to play soccer; whenever I get the chance I’ll head to the field. It is a great way to stay in shape.”
Paul Mould agrees with Johnson’s sentiments. He said, “I think intramurals are a good way to have lots of fun and also keep fit. You’ll probably make some new friends while you’re at it, too.”
Exercising isn’t the only way to stay healthy. A well-balanced diet is crucial for any healthy individual.  Let’s first address the main problem in most students’ diets: vegetables.
It’s clear that getting more vegetables into our diets would certainly be the first step, but the issue is in the practice of vegetable-eating. If it were as easy as just deciding to do it, we probably all would. Here are some unconventional ways to get you to eat the “yucky” stuff.
Make some vegetarian friends. When you hang around people for a long enough time, you tend to pick up some of their habits, and this includes what they eat. Make these new friends and you’ll find yourself heading to the salad bar more often than you did before.
Watch Food Inc.  Food Inc is, as IMBD nicely puts it, “an unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry.” Watch this movie and you’ll be sure to make a more conscious decision about the food you choose to digest.
These are my suggestions on how to stay healthy unconventionally. Don’t forget, though, that you still need to follow the common guidelines for staying healthy and avoiding sickness, such as: washing your hands when you go the restroom and before you eat and covering your mouth (with a cloth or handkerchief)- it does no good to cover your mouth and keep the germs on your hands. Remember to brush your teeth and clean behind those ears when you shower.
Living in dorms increases a student’s likelihood of developing an illness. Pop a daily multivitamin in order to boost you immune system. (It will also help with sluggishness!)
When it comes to intimate relationships, remember to wear a condom. They are available for free at the student health center in the Patterson Building, but make sure to check the expiration date!
Remember that there are other ways to stay healthy than using common conventional methods. Have fun keeping fit and try to come up with some of your own unconventional ideas to achieve the same goal. I wish the very best of luck to you all.