Player Spotlight: Lilli Luke

(photo courtesy of Lilli Luke will look to help lead the softball team back into the A-Sun title race after a 25-30 record last season.


A native of Arabi, Ga., junior Lilli Luke helped the Lady Bears softball team claw their way to victory, starting in 32 out of 40 games from her position at third base last season. Luke received many awards during her high school career before she made the transition to Mercer.

Luke sat down with the Cluster during her busy softball pre-season to answer a few questions.

Cluster: When did you begin playing softball?

Luke: I started out playing T-ball and absolutely hated it. I would sit in the outfield and take my glove off and pout. I refused to play, but a lot of my friends started signing up for Little League. So, I was like, “Dad, teach me how to play.” I fell in love with it, and completely loved the sport from there on out.

C: What sports did you play during high school?

L: I played softball for varsity for five years, and I played basketball for three years. It just got to be too much, since I played travel softball. It was hard doing both.

C: What led you to come to Mercer?

L: A lot of my family went to Mercer and it’s a great school. I had always wanted to come to Mercer. Then, I got a chance to play softball here. It kind of all fell into place.

C: Did you consider other schools besides Mercer?

L: I considered other schools, but it was always Mercer.

C: Looking back at the previous season, how well do you feel your team did?

L: We had a tough season last year. We never could catch a break. In some games our pitching would be off or we could not get a hit where we needed it, and vice versa. We had the talent, but just could not put the pieces of the puzzle together.

C: What are your hopes for you and your team in the upcoming season?

L: Play the best, win and have fun while playing and just to enjoy the game while you can. We are all like a family, so I know can depend on them.

C: Is there a motto that you live by, or play by?

L: My dad always tells me, “If this was easy, then everyone would do it.” This really helps me now because we have 6:00 a.m. workouts and 9:00 p.m. meetings. It’s just hard, but looking back, not many people get the opportunity to be a student-athlete. You love the game, play the game and just have fun with it.

C: Who has inspired you the most?

L: My parents. They are always there for me one hundred percent of the time. My dad was a college athlete. He played football and baseball at Georgia Tech. I can talk to them about anything.

C: What is your most memorable sports experience?

L: Last season we played in the Georgia Tech tournament, which was fun because I have a friend on the team. I was up to bat, and I hit it out and made a hole in the shed in left field. I went back to the dugout and it was just a big joke with my friends.

Come out and support Lilli Luke and the rest of the Mercer Bears softball team as they kick off their 2011 season in mid-February.