Fountain of Juice opens eco-friendly doors to public

Employees of Fountain of Juice prepare sandwiches for lunch. Fountain of Juice opened at Mercer Village on July 12.
On Tuesday, July 12, Fountain of Juice opened its newest location at Mercer Village. Fountain of Juice is owned and operated by two local residents, one of whom is a graduate of Mercer.
Carl Phillips and his wife, Natasha, opened the first Fountain of Juice on Vineville Avenue in November of 2007.  They have now opened a second location at Mercer Village.
The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch.  Natasha Phillips, co-owner of Fountain of Juice, is excited to have students back on campus and hopes that business will flourish. “We have definitely been missing the students. We are changing our hours. We will be open Monday through Friday from eight to four and Saturday from ten to three,” she said.

Phillips said as long as the restaurant still has breakfast, it will be available.

The menu offers soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch and several options for breakfast including: quiche, muffins, biscuits, frittatas and bagels. “Soups, salads and sandwiches are our specialty. We also have fresh, express juices, all-natural smoothies and the best brownies in town,” said Phillips.

Fountain of Juices smoothies offer a great alternative to drinks loaded with sugar. “Usually we don’t add sugar. We only add simple syrup to a couple,” said Phillips.

The new location at Mercer Village offers many lunch options, but the most popular have been the Turkey Delight with avocado spread and the Stansfield Special, which includes turkey, bacon and pimento cheese.

Fountain of Juice is keeping both locations open and Phillips is hopeful that the greater amount of traffic through Mercer Village will increase business as well.

When designing the new location, the owners wanted to give the restaurant a fresh, California vibe.

Recycled tins are being used as light fixtures and the tables were imported from Italy. There is also a recycling bin at the front of the store for glass bottles. 

“We have been embraced by the community already. We are seeing familiar faces each week. That tells us we are doing something right,” said Phillips.

Car Phillips graduated from Mercer with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Later, he attended graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His paintings are displayed throughout the restaurant as part of the décor.

For the full menu and more information, students can visit