A quick Q&A with 3OH!3




Boulder, Colorado-based band 3OH!3 is known for their intense electronic sound and catchy, fun lyrics. Before the duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte took the stage at Bearstock this year, I sat down to ask them a few questions about Mercer, their music and their upcoming work. Read on below.

Eric Brown: So how has Mercer been treating you so far?

Sean Foreman: Good, man. We got in pretty early so we’re trying to catch up on a little sleep, ‘cause we’ve been playing shows every night in a row. But I walked down the street and got coffee at Jittery Joe’s. It’s a cool area, with the Barnes and Noble and everything. It’s just beautiful. We sat on the lawn and watched a couple of bands play. It’s a nice campus.

EB: Thanks. So, where have you guys been playing recently?

SF: Well, last night we played at Rutgers in New Jersey. The night before that we were…where was that?

Nathaniel Motte: I can’t believe it was only two days ago. We were in Erie, Pa., playing at Penn State. This is towards the end of it, but we’ve been doing college shows all spring. It’s been awesome.

EB: So, are you guys working on any new material right now?

SF: Yeah, we’re trying to juggle a couple things right now. He lives in Colorado and I live in LA, and we’re on the road a lot, but we make it work and we’re hoping to get an EP out by early to midsummer. We’ve been working on those songs and it’s been going really well. I’m stoked about those songs.

EB: How does that work, with you two being in different states?

SF: Honestly, it doesn’t make any difference at all. Any other situation might be a problem, but we see each other so much anyway. Probably 300 days out of the year.

NM: Yeah. Days off are pretty few and far between, so we get a lot of work done.

EB: What’s the new material sound like?

SF: It’s, uh, I don’t know. When we were working on the last album we had a few songs that we held off for this EP because they didn’t quite fit the mold for Streets of Gold, but they work now. It’s more production heavy, with some cool new songs. It’s more realized. Streets of Gold has a couple different sounds on it, but this is more coherent.