‘Mercer Cribs’: 1880s townhouse



Seniors Carl Lewis and Max Youngblood share a charming yellow house located less than two miles from Mercer.

What may have once served as a townhouse for a plantation family has been renovated by their landlord, Mercer’s own Dr. Chris Grant.

“The house is old. We know it was not on the registry in 1880, but it was in 1885. So we round that it might have been built in 1883,” said Lewis.

The front door opens into a lovely foyer with red couches and hardwood floors which lead straight to the yellowkitchen made homier with the added touch of painted grape vines along the walls. The rest of the house consists of two bedrooms, a laundry room and a living room.

The quaint home also has a nice front porch that is secluded by beautiful trees.

“We are both seniors and we kind of wanted to get away from everything on campus and Dr. Grant had this place available so we decided to take him up on it,” said Lewis.

“It’s nice to have an adult feeling house when you are in college. It is cool having people over because of the foyer area when you first walk in,” added Lewis.

While the house is located closer to downtown then campus, Lewis feels as though the distance gives just enough space from the university.

“It is about a six or seven minute drive to campus. I leave about 8:53 a.m. for my 9:00 a.m. class, and Max bikes to campus most days,” said Lewis.

The distance is a benefit to Lewis.

“It is good to get away from campus so I can have a Mercer mode and a home mode. It gives freedom to do what I want. I don’t ever feel cooped up,” Lewis said.

While the house only has two bedrooms, both roommates agree it affords plenty of space.
“One roommate is better than three. Max and I are friends but not best friends so it is not a big deal,” Lewis said.

“It is nice to have a place to unwind, and we don’t intrude on each other. It is the ideal place for students to live,” said Lewis.

Lewis also explained that although the house is off campus he does not feel too disconnected from campus.

“I have felt disconnected at times but not usually because I’m on campus so much for other stuff. If I ever do feel disconnected it’s a good disconnection. It is stress relieving,” Lewis said.

“And it’s nice to feel like part of the Macon community. I feel like a resident, not just a student. It’s a good wayto finish up life in college,” said Lewis.

While Lewis loves living in the home, he found it difficult to name just one favorite aspect of the home.

“I like the living room and the porch. Well that, and my bedroom is really nice. To name just one thing is hard. The house is not the most modern but it has charm. It’s a nice little place,” said Lewis.

However, Lewis added that there are some bad aspects of the home as well.

“Because it is an old house it is not sealed the best. When it gets really hot roaches get in, and when it gets really cold we have seen a couple of mice but we called the landlord and he came,” said Lewis.

“That was probably the worst, but once you get used to it it’s ok. Now I see bugs and I kill them if I can but other than that we coexist,” Lewis said.

“There is only one bathroom. It’s a tiny bathroom down the hall but it is not that big of an inconvenience,” Lewis added.

While there are some imperfections, Lewis made it clear that the house is an ideal place to live.

“Overall it is a nice neighborhood. Mostly students, professors, and young professionals live here. It is nice and I have not ever had a single problem,” said Lewis.