Mercer’s community involvement increasing, students well informed

Mercer University is known for keeping its student population well informed with community events. This year, Macon’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival attracted more Mercer students than ever before.

The festival featured a college night that drew large crowds to Central City Park and also featured The Dirty Sound Professors, a popular band consisting of Mercer students. Word spread rapidly around campus about the fun opportunities that this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival offered to Mercer students.

The annual event also hosted numerous events downtown and around the local community, such as a bed race competition, a local fashion show, reasonably priced helicopter tours and fun carnival rides.

Though Bear Blurbs and the Campus Life office keep students well informed about community events, many wonder if Mercer should take the steps to become even more involved with the local community.

Brandee Paullin, senior at Mercer, discussed how she thought being involved with the local community was both a fun and beneficial opportunity for students on campus.

“I wish Mercer could be more involved with the Cherry Blossom Festival. I went for the first time this year and it was a blast,” Paullin said. “I feel as though I have been involved with the local community, and College Hill Alliance has done a great job, but I hope students realize the fun opportunities in events like the Cherry Blossom Festival.”

Other students agree that a positive outlook on community could potentially increase the university’s sense of school spirit.

This year, Mercer Athletics has seen a slight increase of student involvement and hopes to see students become more involved spectators with the growing of Mercer’s student body, athletic programs and The Lofts, the latest addition to Mercer Village.

College Hill Alliance has also created many enjoyable events for students to benefit from, including the popular Third Thursday block party conveniently located within walking distance of campus.