'Mercer Cribs': house with many escape routes

by Brittany Dant



Located on a quaint street sits a cute house-turned-apartment building that houses Mercer juniors Alicia Landrum, Rebecca Gregory, Ben Haygood, and Ross Hardy.

The first thing one notices when walking into the apartment is the inviting atmosphere of their common room. With flannel couches and a stuffed recliner, the room makes you feel right at home.

A tour of the apartment reveals a narrow kitchen with antique tile countertops and modern kitchen appliances. 

The apartment has three bedrooms. “I have to live with Ross and I’m not happy about it,” Haygood said.

“Well technically there are only two bedrooms. You guys live in the dining room,” said Landrum.

The roommates have all lived in the apartment since August of 2010 but do not know exactly how old the apartment is. However, they do know that it has been added onto over the years.

“Some parts of the house are a lot older than others, like under the staircase. You can tell that some parts were not there before,” said Haygood. 

“Well the insulation suggests it’s all very old but I have a window in my room that looks right into the boys’ bathroom, so we think that was part of the addition,” said Landrum.

“We recently found our tornado safety closet after yesterday,” said Hardy with a laugh.

Including the tornado closet, the house also has a few other interesting features.

“We have fireplaces. They don’t work, but they’re still cool,” said Haygood.

“I think the most interesting thing is the temporal temperature vortex. Whatever the temperature is outside it is always a more extreme version of that inside,” said Hardy. 

“We have super high ceilings so I don’t hit my head. That’s exciting,” said Haygood. 

“There is only one closet in the whole house,” said Landrum.

To combat the closet shortage the roommates have placed racks and shelves throughout the apartment to serve as closet space.

“All of the rooms connect to each other. There is a door in our room that leads into Alicia’s room. Then Alicia’s bathroom leads into Rebecca’s room,” said Hardy. 

“We have several evacuation plans,” said Haygood. 

“It isn’t haunted, but there is a whole other apartment over ours. No one lives there now, we had a party and then they moved out. I don’t think that was related to the party,” said Hardy.

“Well we found out after moving in that there is a $500 fee for pets in our lease so we had to get rid of Spartacus, our cat,” said Gregory. 

“That’s not really an interesting thing, more of a gripe we’ve had since August,” added Hardy.

While the roommates hate the fact that their house is a pet free zone, they love the location of their apartment. 

“It is about a 20 minute walk to campus. I walk most days,” said Hardy.

“Driving time depends on if you hit the red lights. If you hit them all it can go from a two minute drive to a thirty minute drive,” said Landrum. 

“It is also about a ten minute walk to Nu-Way or Spring Street and it is within walking distance to all the cool places downtown. You can get anywhere you need to go by walking,” said Hardy. 

All of the roommates agreed that living off campus is awesome.

“We don’t have to get meal plans and not eating the in caf is the best part,” said Haygood.

“I like living off campus a lot more,” said Hardy.

“Plus it’s astronomically cheaper than living on campus,” said Landrum.

“Having the pay bills is that only bad thing about it,” said Gregory.

All of the roommates agree that although they live off campus, they do not feel disconnected to Mercer.

“We didn’t have a huge connection when we lived there so there isn’t a huge difference now that
we don’t,” said Hardy. 

“Well, we used to all go to the cafeteria every day and see all of our friends and now we might get together for dinner but not very often,” said Gregory. 

While they miss daily dinners with friends, all of the roommates decided that there were more perks to living off campus than on.

“There aren’t any noise restrictions. Well I’m sure there are but not a lot. I brought my drum set in and no one has castrated me yet for playing,” said Landrum. 

“We can be having a party at 2 a.m. and it is ok,” said Haygood. 

“No RA comes knocking on your door if we’re having a party unless we invite them over,” said Landrum.

But all agreed there are some cons to living off campus as well.

“I think the hardest thing is the bills and having to remember to get them in,” said Hardy. 

“Driving to campus is one of the worst things, and then having to find a parking spot,” said Haygood. 

“Well the first time it got really cold outside our gas wasn’t working. It was warmer in our refrigerator than it was in the rest of the house. We had to turn on our oven and open the door and huddled around it,” said Landrum.

“The outlet placement is another thing. We only have two outlets in our room and they are all in one corner,” said Haygood. 

“I have lots of outlets in my room, but one sparks,” added Landrum.

Outlets aside, there are many features that make this apartment home to the Landrum, Haygood, Gregory, and Hardy.