Phi Delta Theta Fraternity suspended due to student conduct violations


Image: Mary Helene Hall

The Phi Delta Theta house is located in the Mercer University Greek Village. The fraternity was suspended from campus this semester due to alcohol-related Student Code of Conduct violations.

The Georgia Gamma chapter of Phi Delta Theta at Mercer University has been suspended from campus due to alcohol-related Student Code of Conduct violations from the fall 2020 semester, according to Carrie Ingoldsby, advisor of Mercer’s Interfraternity Council.

The chapter violated two standards in the code: the distribution of alcohol to students under the age of 21 and the consumption or possession of alcohol by students under the age of 21.

“We take the health and safety of all students very seriously,” Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Samantha Murfree said. “Any actions taken are done based on credible information obtained through our investigation process. We have a duty of care to our students and an obligation to hold accountable any group or student who compromises the health and safety of our students.”

According to the Mercer University Student Handbook, “student organizational recognition is not a right, and can be evaluated and rescinded by the University at any time for any reason.”

Ingoldsby said that Phi Delta Theta’s suspension will be similar to other suspensions that have been doled out to Mercer sororities and fraternities in the past.

“The chapter is no longer able to live in the on campus house for the spring semester, and may not hold events or meetings other than what we have specifically outlined in their sanction letter,” Ingoldsby said. “All organizations are subject to the process spelled out in the Code of Conduct.”

In order for Phi Delta Theta to return to campus next semester, certain sanctions must be met, Murfree said. In addition to completing those sanctions, the fraternity must submit a request to Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Doug Pearson to be approved for return.

“Once sanctions are complete, our goal is for this organization to return to campus and contribute to student engagement in a positive, safe and healthy way,” Murfree said.

At this time, Phi Delta Theta is the only Greek-letter organization that is currently suspended from campus.


UPDATE: This article was updated Jan. 15 to correct a spelling error in Samantha Murfree’s name.