New downtown nightclub tells gay patrons "to act straight" or leave


Macon’s newest night spot, Club Element, has come under fire recently for alleged homophobic comments made by a bouncer during the club’s opening night.

The club, which opened March 4, is located in the storefront formerly occupied by Synergy, a venue that catered to the LGBT community.

Colby Cain, of Macon, said he and his friend Mitch Kersey were pulled out of line by a bouncer who previously worked at Synergy and told that they needed to “act straight” or they would not be allowed in the club.

The men were told that “this isn’t a gay club anymore,” Cain said.

Cain said he was offended by the club’s behavior, since he had been a longtime supporter of the business when it was operating as Synergy.

“We weren’t acting any differently than anyone else in line,” Colby said. “It was very clear that we were told we couldn’t act gay or we would be kicked out.”

After the incident, Cain said Club Element’s owner contacted him on Facebook saying the incident was a misunderstanding.

Club manager Chris Bordelon said apologies have been made and the issue has been resolved.

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