“Love Is Blind”: The show we didn’t think we needed


Image: Mo Baldwin

Warning: This article contains spoilers.   

Would you be able to fall in love with someone and commit to them, without seeing them? Netflix’s newest hit show, “Love Is Blind,” gave the term “blind date” a whole new meaning and pushed the boundaries of finding love.

The show is hosted by TV personalities Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The series starts off by following 30 men and women on their journey to finding love. What made this show different from any other dating show is that the couples were not allowed to see each other; they were only allowed to speak in pods (small rooms of communication). To add an even bigger twist to the plot, the individuals only had 38 days to date, get engaged, go on a vacation with each other and get married.

Out of the 30 contestants, six couples emerged after 10 days of speeding dating and of those six couples, only five made it to the wedding day. 

“Love Is Blind” is definitely the guilty pleasure that no one saw coming. Between fights on the vacation  and several unexpected “I don’ts,” “Love Is Blind” has definitely earned its spot as Netflix’s Top 10 Most Watched in the United States.

To make things better, the anticipated reunion was released March 5 to answer all the questions we had after the explosive wedding episode.

When it came to participants, there were some I absolutely loved, and some I thought could’ve been replaced.

Lauren and Cameron definitely became my favorites from the very beginning and became one of two couples to say “I do.” The moment they began speaking, you could just feel the connection. From that moment forward, I wanted them to last. Seeing that they are still happy and healthy today truly warms my heart. 

Amber and Barnett was the only other couple who went through with marriage. Even though I feel like their personalities linked up well, Amber seemed ready for marriage only so she wouldn’t have to carry her baggage alone. Amber stated that she had $20,000 worth of student loan debt that she hadn’t touched, which sent red flags. Other than that, I feel like Amber and Barnett were made for each other. 

Jessica and Mark definitely didn’t see eye-to-eye at all throughout the experiment. Mark had a heart of gold, while Jessica couldn’t get over their 10 year age gap and her feelings for Barnett. Honestly, Jessica strung Mark along all the way to the wedding, just to deny him in front of his friends and family. Not only that, but she disrespected Amber and Barnett’s relationship by continuously flirting with Barnett, even after his engagement. Jessica just wasn’t a good person when it came to character and someone else should’ve taken her spot because Mark deserved better.

Giannina and Damien started off strong in the beginning, but fell through the cracks after returning from the engagement trip. Once it was time to move in together, they started to fall apart. They began to argue more and even told each other that they lost their spark. Damien, at one point, told Giannina that if something didn’t change, the engagement would be broken off. To make matters worse, when it was time to meet the parents, Damien’s parents refused to meet Giannina. When it came down to the wedding day, Giannina said “I do” and Damien shocked the reception and the viewers when he said “I don’t.” Even though the two aren’t married today they are currently dating. 

Kelly and Kenneth were also a couple I thought were made for each other. They had similar backgrounds, similar personalities and a strong bond. However, when the bachelorette parties came around, Kelly expressed that Kenneth isn’t the type of guy she goes for and that the feeling between them felt more platonic. When it was time to walk down the aisle, I wasn’t too shocked that Kelly said “I don’t.”

Diamond and Carlton had the most explosive relationship of the season. The two were the only pair that didn’t return from their vacation as a couple. At the start, Diamond and Carlton had a genuine bond. They laughed and shared amazing moments while in the pods, but the one thing Carlton did not share with Diamond was the past of his sexuality. Once they got engaged and went on their trip, Carlton finally decided to open up and tell Diamond that in his past, he was sexually fluid. The conversation soon got miscommunicated and resulted in a terrible argument which ended their engagement. At the reunion, they decided to forgive each other for the harsh words and buried the hatchet. 

Despite the ups and downs of the show, the participants believed that love was blind and so did I. Looking at the experiment, you were able to see these men and women fall in love and build a bond with someone based off of conversations, without ever seeing the person. Everything was genuine from the start and that’s what made the show so great.

All and all, “Love Is Blind” is a binge-worthy show for anyone to watch. It’s a must-see that will keep you entertained and anticipating the seasons to come.