Review: Raveena plunges deep into love with “Moonstone”

After eight months of me playing the album “Lucid” on my phone repeatedly, Raveena has released her sophomore EP “Moonstone.” Just like the rest of her repertoire, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Prior to its release, Raveena dropped a single called “Headaches,” which was the first song on the EP. Raveena announced the release of the EP with a tweet and an ethereal portrait of herself from the album cover shoot.

“Moonstone EP is out now,” she tweeted. “It’s a sweet lil collection of songs that we wrote while making ‘Lucid’ but that felt like their own project. Songs to kiss goodnight to your loved ones, amongst other things.”

On this four-song record, Raveena discusses love in ways that grace not only your ears, but your heart and mind as well. In “Headaches,” she taps into aspects of love in romantic relationships that aren’t commonly spoken of: confusion. In reference to the title, she sings, “I’m dizzy with headaches/I need a medic/Can you stay still while I’m like this?” 

Raveena continuously uses her soothing instrumentals throughout the record, reintroducing simple pieces such as gentle strums of the guitar, tender keys and impulsive bass. Her impressive vocal range is shown throughout the EP, singing in an almost airy tone yet still keeping her heavily regarded spunk. 

Raveena graciously ends the album with my favorite tune on the EP, “Starflower.” The track almost acts as a lullaby, as its tenderness is almost unmatched by any other song I’ve heard from her spanning artistry. The song is joined by ambient static and guitar strumming that take the entire record to another level. 

I can definitely understand why Raveena chose to comprise these songs into a separate project. As a lover of love, this EP probed me to change my rigid viewpoint of love and turn it into an expansive understanding of the concept instead.