Engineering POD and Which Wich meal swipes: Mercer Dining changes explained

This semester, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors returned to find that the engineering building’s Provisions on Demand (POD) was gone. On the other side of campus, Which Wich’s meal swipe display no longer included salads.

In an email to The Cluster, General Manager of Campus Food Janet Walker said the meal exchange problems at Which Wich were a result of failed communication. 

“This is not correct,” Walker said. “We will do a better job communicating it through our employees and enhanced signage. Which Wich still offers salads as a part of the meal exchange program.”

As for the missing POD in the engineering building, Walker said that campus food provider Aramark made the call to close it.

“In order to keep our focus on service excellence, we streamlined the amount of PODs that we have on campus,” she said. “We utilized statistical data to choose which PODs were best serving the Mercer community and focused on enhancing service and offerings at those locations.”

Walker also said that students can expect a variety of new changes to on-campus dining. These changes include new management, a new “flavor bar” at the Fresh Food Company and a revamped Instagram presence on @MercerDining.