Mercer Spring Intramurals Overview

Mercer is offering many different intramural sports opportunities for their students in the upcoming spring semester.

Here are some important dates to be aware of:


Registration: Jan. 14-22

Tournament Date: Jan. 24

Spikeball is played as a one day tournament. A maximum of two players are allowed to participate, with no requirements related to gender.

5v5 Basketball

Registration: Jan. 14-23

Season Start Date: Jan. 28

There will be three different leagues offered for 5v5 basketball: men’s, women’s and co-rec (gender-neutral). Each team is limited to a total of 12 players. There will be a regular season, followed by a playoff bracket and a championship game for each league.

4v4 Flag Football

Registration: Jan. 21-30

Season Start Date: Feb. 5

This league is open to all genders, with a minimum of three players required to start a team. The league will open with a series of regular season games which will determine seeding in the following playoffs. A championship game will be played to finish it off.

Table Tennis

Registration: Feb. 4-13

Season Start Date: Feb. 15

Table tennis will be played as an open league, with no gender requirements. The entire tournament will take place on a single day. It is open to all genders and teams are not allowed.


Registration: Feb. 11-20

Season Start Date: Feb. 15