Did Someone Say Fried Cheesecake? What to expect from this year’s Georgia National Fair


Graphic designed by Madison Allen.

With October fast approaching, many students are beginning to plan their fall breaks. Of course, Macon’s vibrant downtown is always striving for people to walk its streets. However, many seek to venture outside what is familiar. With a car and some cash, many would consider visiting the Georgia National Fair. After all, it is a Georgia classic.

The Georgia National Fair, located in Perry, is just the place to unwind and spend time with friends and family. Starting Oct. 4 and lasting until Oct. 14 from 8 a.m to 10 p.m, the fair offers a wide variety of events and food for everyone to enjoy. This year, the fair has brought in Vanilla Ice, Salt n Pepa, as well as southern rock artists Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels and The Outlaws to perform in a series of concerts.

The fair is featuring plenty of rides for all ages and heights. For those not so into crazy rides, there is the Grand Carousel and, of course, the Merry Go Round. However, if fast rides are your thing, the Zero Gravity and the Tilt a Whirl rides are the place to be. Lastly, there are the fairground classics that every person can ride. The Ferris Wheel and the YoYo will provide a full view of the park as the rides slowly rise into the air.

“The ferris wheel is my favorite,” said Faith Reagin, who is a freshman. “Me and my friends always take Sharpies so we can write our names on it while we were riding it.”

Imagine the fall breeze and the sound of laughter ringing in the air. The row of rides and the rock climbing wall seem a little difficult to pass up. Walking by the petting zoo only leads to an enormous amount of joy. But, what many can attest to be the best part, is the food. With funnel cakes, turkey legs and flowering onions galore, how can one not leave with a happy heart and stomach?

“It’s a great place to ruin my diet and buy all the fried food I could ever dream of,” said Mercer freshman John Pittman.

The tickets are very affordable, as college students know is a perk. An adult admission ticket costs $10, a two day pass costs $16, and if interested in letting younger siblings tag along, tickets are free for children 10 and under. No one can forget the beloved discount days at the fair! On Oct. 11, the first day of Mercer’s fall break, the fair is hosting a college night. On this day, with a valid student ID, Mercer students can get half off of the regular admission ticket and a ride armband for $20.

So, as students decide between a trip to the good ole’ ATL, staying in the Macon area or going back home, just remember: a fried cheesecake in hand and one last ride on the carousel makes a day at the fair a day well-spent.