Ocmulgee Indian Festival


Men leading audience members in a ritual dance, The Quail. Photo by Pamela Johnson.

This past weekend, Macon held one of largest gatherings of Native Americans in the United States for the 27th consecutive time: The Ocmulgee Indian Festival.

It boasted over 200 craftsmen and artisans showcasing their handiwork, engaging storytellers and gifted dancers. There were also living history demonstrators who portray past heritage in form and with items from that era, further accenting the long and rich culture of Native Americans.

The Festival was named one of top 20 events of the entire Southeastern United States by the Southeast Tourism Society, and the renowned event draws more than 17,000 guests to the Ocmulgee Monument each fall.

Featuring over 2,000 displays and artifacts open to the public, the Ocmulgee Indian Festival allows another generation to experience first-hand the innovative arts and rich heritage of our nation’s first people through not only interaction, but observation. See below for pictures from the celebratory event.