Mercer Graduate Publishing Second Non-Fiction Book


Faiz Ally, a Mercer graduate, is publishing his second book. Photo provided by Faiz Ally.

After two years, Mercer graduate Faiz Aly is now self-publishing his second non-fiction book.

According to Aly, “One Humanity” is a self-help book containing philosophical ideas shown through essays, stories and dialogues, published through his own marketing agency, Aly Media.

“It is a collection of strategies to help you deal with whatever life throws at you,” Aly said.

Although he always knew that he wanted to write, his inspiration for the subject of the book came from a philosophy class taught by Mercer Professor Creighton Rosental, where he was fascinated by the philosophers Aristotle and Socrates.

“It’s really interesting to see what their statements and values hold in 2018,” Aly said.

The title, Aly said, was inspired by his belief that although race and religion set people apart, humans can put these differences aside and come together as one to push humanity forward.

“We have so many races and cultures, but we can be one humanity,” Aly said.

Aly said his biggest support and inspiration come from his daily viewing of TED talks.

The book is priced at $9.99 through both Apple and Amazon, and 100 percent of proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association.

“As someone who was born with a heart disease, and can go through treatments to stay healthy, this is my way of giving back to all those who financially cannot be treated,” Aly said.

One Humanity is set to release through both Apple and Amazon on Sept. 21, but pre-ordering is available as of Aug. 31.