Internships at The Big House


Photo by Yusuf Tas

Are you interested in internships that allow you to learn more about Macon’s history? Then consider The Big House Museum. Located at 2321 Vineville Ave, The Big House has been a famous Macon landmark since the 1970’s, when it became a place for famous bands, such as the Allman Brothers Band, to live and practice their music. This historic home soon became a museum dedicated to Macon’s very own musicians in order to promote the future of musical inspiration.

Currently, The Big House is interested in hiring students to become more involved with Macon’s history and its future, according to the Big House website. Maggie Reimer, employer at the Big House, said there are four student positions available that will have different duties, but all students will be able to see the operational perspective of a non-profit program offered by The Big House.

Some of the hired student’s responsibilities will be to greet visitors and to discuss with them how a membership will further promote the understanding of Macon history. Other duties may include more clerical work such as data collection and analysis of member surveys, which will require an understanding of Microsoft Office and Excel.

Other requirements include sales experience and strong interpersonal skills in order to interact effectively with visitors and other employees. Flexibility to work during business hours, meaning possibly on weekends, for 10 or more hours weekly is also needed. Though interns are needed during the week, mostly during business hours Reimer said that they “have concerts, book signings, private rentals, etc. that are often super enjoyable.”

Even though The Big House does not offer compensation, Reimer said that “students will gain experience in several areas: customer service, organizational skills, teamwork, independence, and creativity.”

This internship ensures eight weeks of historical enrichment along with the learning experience of what it is like to work to better the future of music. If interested in this internship opportunity please complete an application and send it to Maggie Reimer at [email protected]