I’ve been floating since I listened to Mac Miller’s, “Swimming.”

Mac Miller, American rapper, singer and record producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo from Wikipedia Commons.

Mac Miller, American rapper, singer and record producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo from Wikipedia Commons.

I love music. I’ve been an avid follower since I got my iPod Touch in ninth grade. Every week, a new artist pops up out of, what seems like, nowhere. But there are a handful of artists that I look forward to hearing from each and every year.

These are the artists that I follow on Twitter and wait for any signs of new music. These are the artists I take a day to listen to their entire albums. These are the artists I regard as some of the best in their genre.

Mac Miller has to be one of my favorite artists of all time. I’ve been following him since 2011 when I first heard one of his most famous songs, “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza,” off his fourth mixtape, “K.I.D.S”.

Miller has been rapping for a while, and it shows. I think what’s most exciting about an artist like Miller is that you get to hear the progression of their craft while also learning more about them.

The first projects I heard from him were full of fun songs, but younger topics. His most recent album is his most mature and one of the most holistic projects he’s ever completed. He sounds healthy and focused.

His sound is so unique and it sounds like he’s figured out how to flawlessly leverage all of his talents and combine them perfectly. Miller has a raspy voice but somehow makes his attempts at singing work well, while pairing his experienced rap style to make for some of his best music.

“Swimming,” Miller’s fifth studio album, is some of his best work. It’s the perfect combination of the emotional Miller and the Miller music that can shatter speakers. This album reminisces on tougher times for Miller and the period after he pulled through.

The first song on the album introduces us to the mental space that Miller was in and now finds himself in.

Miller says, “And I was drownin’, but now I’m swimmin. Through stressful water, to relief.” Miller paints a picture of the depression he struggled with but now how he has progressed through it.

Songs like “Self Care,” speak to how Miller has overcome different issues through taking some time to really focus on himself saying, “Self care, Im’ treatin’ me right, yeah.”

On the album, my top five songs are “Come Back to Earth,” “Hurt Feelings,” “Self Care,” “What’s the Use?” and “2009,” in no particular order.

Miller’s discography speaks to true growth. He shows a different piece of himself with each album and this is his most mature and personal project yet.

“Swimming” is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year and it reasserts that Miller produces highly detailed and high quality music. It seems like he hand picked each droplet of water to add to his pool of an album. I hope you’re ready to take a dive.