EarthGang validates Atlanta’s “Royalty” with their latest album


Image: Flickr

The rap group, Earth Gang, hails from Atlanta and encompasses the individuality and pure talent expected from Atliens.

Atlanta is an epicenter of culture. It is literally a hub for exchange, locally and internationally.

The culture that has arisen from that is truly something special. Something that has been cultivated in Atlanta is the art of making a great musician.  Music groups like Outkast, TLC and Kris Kross and individual artist like T.I., Usher and John Mayer are all Atlanta natives.

Kanye West was raised in Chicago, but what many people don’t know is he was born in Atlanta, so technically his roots lie there. It must be in the water, because Atlanta breeds amazing artists and they continue to do so.

The rap group, Earth Gang, hails from Atlanta and encompasses the individuality and pure talent expected from Atliens. Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot make up this duo and have made a name for themselves in the rap game.

This is not music that we’re used to hearing on the radio, this is a different style. It reminds me of neo-soul rap. “Royalty,” is Earth Gangs most recent and third album. They are signed to Dreamville Records founded by J. Cole.

I didn’t know what to expect from the album, but what I do know is I was impressed. I stumbled upon the album right before I traveled to Japan and I knew I had to have it on my playlist for my 14 hour flight.

If I wasn’t so busy watching all of the various movies available on my flight I would have had this album on repeat. This short album packs a lot of punch. With only 5 actual songs, this album totals out at 24 minutes, including the 3 skits included on the album.

Aside from the songs, the skits were very entertaining. It showed the goofy personality of the duo, contrasting with the more serious topics Earth Gang shed light on in majority of their songs.

The central topics they rapped about had to do about their experience growing up in Atlanta and how that’s influenced their style and personalities. Also they spoke to how being successful has led to a change in their status and what that means for them.

My favorite song on the album is “Lolsmh.” Two acronyms makeup this song but I’m left speechless. It’s perfect. The way they approached the song was immaculate and I really enjoyed the instrumental selection. This song put the album over the top for me.

Altogether this was a great album. It was entertaining from start to end, even if there wasn’t that much time in between. I’m all for albums that are shorter, but offer better quality music. I’m going to go back and listen to some of their earlier music, and I’m looking forward to what is to come.