Image: Jayla Moody

Mercer students celebrated a hump day on campus before spring break with camels on Cruz Plaza. How do you get over the hump of this semester? Revisit your goals and keep yourself interested.

Moody Musings: Getting over the hump

Guess what time of the year it is? That’s probably not necessary because we’re feeling it, more than ever. It’s that time right after spring break that forces you to either question everything you did this semester or hold on to it.

It’s the hump, and if we can make it over the hump, we can see the light of summer and breathe again. For some, this time of the year is an effortless breeze and is probably spent thanking yourself for working hard those first two months ago. For others, it’s a drag because you’re just ready for it to be over.

It’s not necessarily about academics, but more so about motivating yourself to be interested and excited to still be in school after a much needed-spring break.

Like your typical week, hump day is the true test. It’s the deciding factor that determines how your week will sum up to be. If you can make it through hump day, you’ve secured a spot to the weekend.

A good hump day can give you the push you need to make it to the end, and that’s what we should all be seeking to accomplish in the upcoming days.

How can you make it over this semester’s hump successfully?

Keep yourself reminded. It’s easy to forget your semester and 2018 goals after being distracted by everything happening on campus and in your life. Take some time to review your goals and make sure your actions for the next few weeks align with those goals.

Take advantage of the enjoyable aspects at the end of the semester. It seems like these next few weeks are full of something exciting to do, and while that may be distracting, it can be positive as well. Make sure you’re not spending every day counting down until the end of the semester. Try to get out on campus and enjoy yourself.

Make sure everything is in place for a successful end to your classes. While you may be ready to end the semester, it’s imperative that you don’t allow that attitude to affect your motivation to work and ensure good grades for yourself. Taking care of business before finals week may leave you a little more happy before that time comes.

Lastly, don’t spend all of your time thinking about your summer. You may or may not have your summer planned out, and if you do, that’s great. Don’t think too much about it. If your summer isn’t planned out, don’t allow the uncertainty to completely take over your thoughts. It’s important to be prepared, but it’s equally important to be mindful and present during this time of the year.

The end is near, but right now can be an enjoyable time for you as well. Don’t allow your desire for the next season to make your current one miserable. Keep your thoughts positive and keep yourself reminded. You’ll remember how bad you wanted to be happy and successful and you’ll make that a reality for yourself.

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