Baby Bear Watch: When will the baby bear get here?

Beary Excited, Contributing Writer

Last year, the unfortunate news broke that Tot had filed for divorce after being married to Toby for 50 years. However, since the couple has gotten back together, they have announced that they are expecting a baby bear.

“I told Tot over and over that I hadn’t cheated on her. I even had Duke’s mascot Blue Devil come to Mercer to tell Tot the rumors weren’t true,” Toby said.

As it turns out Blue Devil cannot stand Toby after Duke’s unfortunate loss to Mercer in 2014.

After Blue Devil helped clear up the situation, Toby apologized again, and Tot accepted it. The couple reunited over the summer so that they could resolve their problems and be together when welcoming the freshman class of 2017.

Since then, Toby and Tot seem happier than ever, and they are excited to be welcoming another bear into the Mercer family.

“Ever since Toby and I got back together we have fallen even more in love. I know that the addition of a baby bear into our family will just add to the happiness,” Tot said.

The baby bear, or bears, are expected to be born in July, just in time to meet the new group of incoming students in August.

Toby expressed a little concern about becoming a father right after he and Tot got back together. However, since he has taken care of thousands of Mercer students, he will be up to the task.

“When I found out I was going to be a papa bear, I was a little scared,” said Toby. “But I am excited to have my own bear cub to take care of.”

The couple plans on training the bear, or bears, to be the next generation of beloved Mercer mascots. However, don’t expect their Mercer debut anytime soon.

“While I am excited to be having a cub or two, it is going to take them a while before they will be ready to take up the responsibilities of a mascot,” Tot said.

The family is planning to take up residence in a secret den under the popular restaurant Bear’s Den. Make sure to check social media during July to see if there are new additions to the Mercer family.

You can find the story on Toby and Tot’s breakup here.


Note: This is a satirical piece produced by the Cluster team in honor of April Fools Day. Thanks for reading!