Big Bird Bash 2018 is bringing a unique sound to downtown

The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom and the Thirsty Turtle will be hosting this year’s annual Big Bird Bash on Feb. 24. The Big Bird Bash is a music festival that will feature bands from all around the south east.

Both locations will open their doors at 4 p.m. and bands will begin performing at the same time.

This year’s lineup features local, regional and national touring bands like The Vegabonds, BABY BABY, C2 & The Brothers Reed, Holey Miss Moley, Bootz & Katz, The Twotakes, The Dog Apollo, Gary Lazer Eyes, One Horse Parade, CHOIR OF BABBLE, Atria Music, and Alec Stanley’s Blues Brigade, according to a post on The Bird’s Facebook page.

“The Bird is focused on providing quality entertainment at an affordable price,” said Tim Obelgoner, the owner of the Hummingbird. “The Big Bird Bash is just where to get it. The bands offer a unique taste of music hailing from the Southeast region.”

The Bird certainly delivered on the promise of an affordable price. Five dollars is the full price for access to the entire event. This means attendees can visit and enjoy bands at both the Bird and the Turtle for only $5.

“Events like these are something every student should attend given its proximity to campus and value by price,” said Raj Patel, a Mercer University senior who lives downtown near both venues.

The affordability of this event and the novelty of a small music festival across two stylistically varied venues makes it a unique opportunity for Mercer students, even those who haven’t experienced downtown Macon.

“As for students who never go downtown, I say try to step out of your comfort zone and you just might like it,” said Patel.