Peer Advisor Applications coming soon


Nadia Pressley, Staff Writer

Academic and Advising Services (AAS) will be releasing this year’s Peer Advisor Application on Feb. 23.

The Peer Advisor (PA) program is a leadership opportunity for sophomore, junior and senior students to volunteer by assisting first-year students in their transition to college.

Peer Advisors are assigned to a group of freshmen to guide them through the fall orientation program called Bear Beginnings and co-facilitate a 1 credit hour class, UNV 101, with an advisor.

In this class, Peer Advisors conduct activities in and outside of the classroom, help freshmen register for classes and are available to answer any questions students have about college.

“PA’s offer a peer perspective and act as a friend, role model, mentor, guide and support to new students,” said Victoria Yrizarry, the graduate assistant for Academic and Advising services.

Sophomore Hinal Patel said seeing the PA’s her freshman year inspired her to apply for the program herself.

“One of the first people to talk to me was a PA,” Patel said. “I knew when I would have the chance to apply, I wanted to apply for that position.”

Patel, along with the rest of the PA team, went through a two-round application process which included a written application, video, class syllabus and an interview with the AAS team.

This year’s application is slightly different.

According to the AAS webpage, this year’s pplication process will include the written application, video interview and an interview with the office, but it will not include the lesson plan.

Patel said the application process was stressful, but the AAS team helped ease her nerves.

“Mercer really tries very hard to make the process of becoming a PA very welcoming,” Patel said.

The application is open to all current students in good academic and judicial standing.

Sophomore, junior and seniors interested in applying are encouraged to have at least a 2.75 GPA. Applicants are also required to have no outstanding conflicts or issues that could involve disciplinary action.

The AAS team is seeking a variety of different candidates regardless of their background.

“We are looking for students who reparesent our campus both in diversity and spirit,” Yrizarry said.

For students interested in applying, Yrizarry said the best advice she has is to be yourself.

“Being authentic will allow you to show us your outstanding characteristics,” she said.

Being a PA is a year-long commitment. PA’s must participate in a variety of events that are outlined on the AAS website, ranging from assisting with summer orientation sessions to helping with spring programming initiatives.

Patel said even though being a PA is a time commitment, it is well worth the dedication.

“It is the most rewarding thing that I have done as a student at Mercer University,” Patel said.

Applications will close March 12, at 11:59 p.m.